[Early Thoughts] Fallout 4

Holy shit.

I am surprising absolutely nobody when I say this is a very good game! Fallout 4 is not a strong deviation, at least not thus far, from the formula that Bethesda has perfected with their previous Fallout title (and which Obisidian improved on in New Vegas). But I’ll be damned if this game hasn’t gripped […] Continue Reading

How To: Fix Steam Big Picture on Windows 10

Middle Button not working on Big Picture with Windows 10? Soon it will!

Have you upgraded to windows 10 and noticed that your middle button no longer is activating big picture? Awfully frustrating! I’ve not actually found a guide online to fix this. But I’m here to show you how, it’s a simple 2 step process. That’s it! Once you’ve done this your Big Picture will work. If […] Continue Reading