Retailers Suck

X-Post from Destructoid

Today I posted, what I thought, was a fairly clear and uncontroversial point. What followed was a few parts snark, a few parts well reasoned (but entirely off topic) replies, and just a whole lot of people getting off into a conversation that is entirely irrelevant to my point. This is why I don’t debate […] Continue Reading

Raid Day Wednesday

Today we stumbled through the first 6 bosses on heroic. It wasn’t a bad run but there were some coordination issues that chipped away at me. I don’t intend to take the position of raid lead, but I do find myself wanting to point things out. Partly because my position as melee leaves me looking […] Continue Reading

The Tipping Point

I’ve read a fair number of books in my life, not nearly enough, but a fair number. One of my favorites (actually quite a few of my favorites) was written by Malcolm Gladwell. As the title would suggest it is called The Tipping Point. Recently I also heard the notion being talked about during an […] Continue Reading

Neverending Naps

I spent a fair amount of today napping. I don’t know if it had any sort of positive impact. Something I find interesting about napping is when, in the right environment, you can’t really stop napping. Each time you wake up you are just as tired as the time before, possibly even more tired. I […] Continue Reading