On Famine

Babbles on Wednesday

Human systems have a few peculiar traits about them. For me the most notable is how they are designed with an alternate reality in mind. All systems presume stability in their presumption. The notion of production and consumption is a current popular one. It presumes that as long as one side is producing and the […] Continue Reading

On Activism

A little Stream of Consciousness on Activism

Today we hit one of those peculiar days where I don’t know what to write about. But I want to write every day if I can. Keep my mind sharp(ish). What’s on my mind lately? I suppose activism. I’ve begun to wonder if activism is (at its core) a two sided coin. You have constructive […] Continue Reading

Raid Day Sunday

Imperator bringing the hurt.

Today’s raids didn’t go as well as prior ones. What can you do? We learned some things and tried our best though. I’m still trying to learn enhancement shaman. It seems like the better geared people get the further down I go even though we are all gearing at roughly the same item level. Weird […] Continue Reading