Raid Day Wednesday

You can find the logs for tonight here. Tonight went alright, we made it all the way to Gorefiend before we had some strange problems. Mistakes were made, and I think it just kind of took the wind out of everyone’s sails. At this point it feels a bit like going through the motions. Working […] Continue Reading

Raid Day Monday

Well today happened. There are certain experiences that just aren’t great. Socrethar on Heroic is one of those things. It is what it is. I enjoyed most of my day otherwise. So that’s good. On the bright side, tomorrow is Phantom Pain! What I’m going to be doing is first playing Ground Zeroes, and then […] Continue Reading

Diablo Season 4: Day 3 (Completish?)

At this point its about Torment 1 and having fun, kinda.

The majority of our play today I felt very underpowered. The journey from 60 to 70 was borderline painful. I think my biggest problem was I couldn’t tell what was killing me, only that something was. That’s fine though because we made it to 70 and checked out a greater rift for the first time […] Continue Reading

Diablo Season 4: Day 2

Good times still.

The changes made for Season 4 continue to impress me. The blood gem vendor is slightly relevant, ever so slightly. This is a huge step up from their previous complete uselessness. Next the enchantress has become much more forgiving in terms of what resources she requires to reroll things. It’s not a walk in the […] Continue Reading