2012–Reflecting on the Past

//2012–Reflecting on the Past

2012–Reflecting on the Past

  I am listening to the song “First of the Year (Equinox)” by Skrillex, I find that it is highly appropriate seeing as we are now at such a point in time. Not for much longer, it is already 10:31 PM on the 3rd of my 4 day weekend. Our company has about 12 extra days off a year and I find myself too often wasting each and every last one just trying to unwind from the never ending mind screw that is my job.

  It’s been an entire year since one of my most active blog attempts, the Project 52, surprisingly I only updated 18 times the entire last year. That really does reflect my state of being mentally. I’m just kind of breezing by and letting the cards fall where they will.

  I don’t think that’s what I want to do though, I’m going to try and refresh my brain again this year. Start reading again, writing constantly, and see if I can revitalize myself. Get myself out of this job induced rut and start being proud of myself again. It’s important to have goals and to achieve them, life only has as much meaning as we wish it to and one can very easily find themselves at 50 looking back on decades of wasted opportunities.

  So what will be my goals for this year? For one I will finish the Operation 52. This will require a bit of backtracking, the plugin I had used for the excel presentation went out of date and now I find myself with no backups. I also don’t have the original excels. (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites just started, arguably one of the best things to happen to my ears in the last year) Luckily WordPress itself has not failed me and I can go back and scuttle the information from old posts. Once I know how many books I’ve read I’ll start completing the operation and after that I will start reading at least 1 book a month.

  Only one? Well I won’t limit myself but that will be my minimum goal. I’m keeping it small in hopes that I will do more out of desire than necessity. Likewise I know I’ll be working against the soul sucking beast of my work life.

  If you get a job and they tell you the hours are 10-7, be sure that you’ll love your job. It will take up the entire cognizant period of your day and by the time you get home you’ll be too tired physically and mentally to do anything of value. Weekends will, from experience, be about recovering just enough to make it another week. Before you know it you’ll be a year down the road and wondering what kind of out of work accomplishments you’ve made.

  That paragraph should probably be up higher, but you’ve got places to be so we’ll just keep on moving. Plus I’ve only got another hour before it is tomorrow and this post is too late.

  I’m going to try and write one post every single day this year. I know I won’t accomplish that, mostly because there will be a maintenance night that totally screws me. But we’ll see how close I come to that and make some sort of slick excel sheet at the end of this year.

  From what I hear it is good that I’m going to write lots this year as it just might be the last year we ever have. I know there have been a good dozen of those since I was born, popular ones, but this one seems like a keeper. Why? Well because its not 2013 yet, once it is I guess we’ll all point and laugh at everyone who sold all their stuff.

  So that’s it I suppose. It’s the first day of a new year, the last year of our lives that will have a uniform date “12/12/12”. I wonder how many games are going to be released that day? Lets guess a dozen.

  Thanks to everyone who visited this year (of which there were a surprising amount), the website saw visitors from every major continent with the exception of Antarctica. We’ll see if I can pump out enough philosophy and other mental content to make this another global year. I’ve actually got an idea for tomorrows post already, inspired by a recent podcast featuring Janeane Garofalo (a name that I utterly butchered before Google saved me).

  See you, in an awkward telephone game fashion, tomorrow.

(You can safely assume you’ll see pictures of cute cats this year)

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