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A Whale of a Workout

Last December I fell down the stairs. I ended up injuring my back and it still isn’t better. Because of that I found myself not working out anymore. But recently I realized I can’t wait any longer. I’ll be starting physical therapy soon (need to call Monday) and I’ve gotten back into lifting weights.

Now, I’ve only got dumbbells. Well, technically I’ve also got kettlebells, but let’s continue. I wanted to try something fun for April. Alongside my development work. I want to get back into lifting but with a twist. Have you ever considered how much you lift when you work out? Not at once, but cumulatively speaking.

Currently I lift 22.5 lbs on each arm. Not an insurmountable sum but it starts to burn relatively fast for someone my size. That’s 16.18% of my bodyweight on either arm. I’ve¬†yet to decide if I want to try and lift lots of weight fewer times or less weight more times. No amount of reading has really settled which is better.

Each time I lift one of the weights completely I count that as 22.5lbs per arm. Anytime I lift a single weight with both arms I count it as 22.5lbs (11.25lbs per arm, seems fair). So my curiosity is how many days will it take me to lift as much weight as a whale?

“Lots of different kinds of whales, dude.” You might be thinking. And I agree! My list of checkpoints are as follows and in order: Antarctic Minke, Orc, Sei, Sperm, Humpback, Fin, Southern Right, and Blue.

The weights of these whales starts at a mere 7 tons (14,000 lbs) up to a very intimidating 100 tons (200,000 lbs).

As of today I’ve lifted 22.5lbs a total of 95 times. 5 of those behind the head with a hinge style lift and the other 90 split between bench press style lifts and curls into overhead presses. This amounts to 2,137.5 lbs or 1.06 tons.

What external factors do I have to consider for today? I actually did lift two days ago and my arms still haven’t recovered. But this also means that if I try to do this every day I’ll need to get used to that. I’m not going to give myself a deadline for this little project. This is an experiment to add a little bit of fun to my workout. I’m also going to try a variety of workouts over the month.

Starting tomorrow, if I do manage to pull this off two days in a row, I’ll post some graphs with trend lines. I’m not super great with excel but I can muster up some basic stuff.

If I pull off at least as many lifts tomorrow that will mean that within a week I’ll have lifted the same amount of total weight as an Antarctic Minke Whale. It’ll be interesting to see how far up the list I make it this month. Especially if PT ends up taking a lot out of me.


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