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A Whale of a Workout [Day 2]

I don’t have any plans to update every day. But who knows, maybe miracles can happen? I spent most of today watching Wrestlemania. Which was so much better than last year. Last year it ended with a match involving Roman Reigns. He’s one of the worst wrestlers I’ve ever seen in the sport. Thankfully they learned from their mistakes and had the final match of this Wrestlemania starring The Undertaker! And-Roman Reigns. What? Why? The whole night was a great experience? Why end with one of the least talented wrestlers in history against one of the most popular wrestlers ever? Reigns retired Undertaker tonight, it is mind boggling. Anyways I’m not bad, I’ve calmed down from that incredibly sad conclusion to a wonderful night.

A bit after the Reigns poison emptied from my veins I moved onto lifting weight. My arms still ache from yesterday but I’m having a good time. Today I lifted 22.5lbs 50 times (each arm). That works out to 2,250 lbs or just over 1 ton. And now that we have two days down I can put in a trend line! Lets check it out.

Arms will fall off before I meet that trend I imagine.

Arms will fall off before I meet that trend I imagine.

Not bad at all. The blue is how much I’ve lifted for the day and the green is the cumulative weight I’ve lifted since the beginning of April. Currently it looks like I could potentially lift just under 70K lbs. I’ll get you soon Antarctic Minke. I think my next goal is to make sure I’m getting enough protein to benefit from this lifting.

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