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Let’s Make A Game – Up and Atom (Thoughts)

So this project is actually in response to a request I received. There are probably a billion platformer tutorials online, but what harm is there in a billion and one? I’m building a relatively simple platformer with a few pieces that will then be bundled up as a project with an explanation video. This will hopefully allow people who are interested to check out what I’ve done and try their hand at both learning the basics and improving on my design.

The latter will be even easier than the former, I suspect. Amusingly I’m currently confronting the issue of using too small of objects. I may rectify this before release by just increasing the viewing window of the camera so that I can use larger objects but still have it all contained within a single non moving scene.

Regardless. Tomorrow I’ll stream some of my refactoring and detail out a fun little extra feature I want to add to this. (Namely the physical making, saving, loading, of created levels). I don’t plan to let people place new blocks or pieces, that isn’t hard but it is a very time consuming thing to add. Instead you’ll be able to simply edit the scale and position of what is in the scene. Then hit save, name your safe, and there you go! Easy peezy.

The image in the header is me testing out the early version of that. Nothing super impressive or groundbreaking, but it is there.

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