22 in a (300) Million

//22 in a (300) Million

22 in a (300) Million

  I was originally going to talk about intelligence versus wisdom. I think I’ll save those for later just because of how alarming I found this piece of data.

  SupePACS are a recent phenomenon that came about with the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling. One of those rules that has, for cynics unsurprisingly, lead to the obvious conclusion. The numbers are out and about 150 million dollars was raised.  A large chunk of this money has been used aggressively to shape the opinions of the general public in (thus far) 4 states.

  What really caught my attention was something said by Colbert on the topic. That of this money raised almost half of it was raised by 22 Individual People or Businesses. With 300 Million people in the united states we find a mere 22 voicing as much an opinion as the other 299,999,978 of them. This is the ultimate direction that every report I ever read said citizens united would take us and it has now become the case.

  A ridiculously small group of extremely wealthy people are manipulating the passing of information in order to create a political climate where they are most likely to be in control. It’s a cyclical process that just leads to more corruption. This ties in beautifully with all this remarkably synchronous legislation aimed at regulating the internet. The only thing legitimately standing between these organizations and complete information control is the internet. Destroy that nuisance and you are left with a lovely landscape for manipulation.

  What bothers me about it is how cliché this all is. Seriously what on earth is going on? Since when did the reality become far more than the conspiracies folks banter on about? How exactly has this data not resulted in a panic attack across the country?

  It is impossibly easy to satire this kind of data. How ridiculous everything has become in the last 12 years. It’s like one jackass sends a dozen other fools into a couple of buildings and the resulting event renders an entire country invalid.

I'll admit, that last joke was mostly cause I got this card today! :D  This is just silly and this kind of news is becoming way too common. I might need to restrict myself to only talking about it twice a week. SuperPACS have broken the election system, amounts of money are getting spent that no average citizen could hope to contend with. You’d have to have a pretty steep investment from every single US Voter to keep up with just a few dozen people and that’s only if they don’t step up themselves.

  Corporations are immortal beasts that need not breath, eat, sleep, and cannot bleed. They are relentlessly investing to destroy the educational system, in other words…they are coming for your brains.

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