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23 Skidoo

  No updates for P2 tonight. I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that for the work week I probably cannot watch YouTube if I want to finish my personal projects. I’ve all but given up Reddit – only using it sparingly on late night occasions when I wouldn’t be doing anything productive.

  My lunch today consisted of writing for an hour and a half which felt very good. I suspect this will become my norm for lunch until I finish with my book. On that same note I also learned how to price a book at .99 cents and will be doing that for all future short stories. Sadly that means I only get .35 for them but that’s better than the .00 I get just having them pile up in my drop box.

  Right now is a strange time. I think that people are finally feeling the brunt of things racing too fast for them. Old people who barely have the sense to drive safely (and many who have never experienced anything beneath luxury) are getting their hands deep into tools that they haven’t the slightest comprehension of. It’s fascinating and I don’t necessarily know how I feel about it. I feel like history will look back on this time as an amusing moment and most of the men (as it is largely men) responsible will be forgotten to history.

  Their legacy being that they did nothing noble or creative. Merely vestigial organs resting in an otherwise lively body. I don’t think I’d like to be known for being a killer or a crook. Worse still I am terrified of the notion of dying and being entirely forgotten by time. I feel like there are a lot of people in this category. Even with its grand scale – the tome known as Wikipedia – still sees bias towards certain modicums of information. The current senators of (to pick a random state) Missouri will be as often cited as the name of the dust growing on the base of rocks in the Himalayas.

  That is in some ways a historical justice I think. These are people who have no place controlling the power that they control. Generation upon generation of backdoor trickery has lead to a system where you can gain great power while not having any leadership skills or wisdom. Hell in many cases you aren’t even the person most people chose or would want.

  This is not and will not be the topic of the rest of my updates this week. There are far more interesting things to talk about. Space, gender, video games, and I’m sure something seemingly random.

  I hope that by the end of my writing career I have the same effect on some reader as the number 23 had on Jim Carrey. That comment is not the seemingly random thing but I suppose it sets the tone.

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