A Day to Reflect

//A Day to Reflect

A Day to Reflect

Tomorrow I have a day off from work and I’m genuinely grateful for that. It is nice to have additional time to yourself. I don’t know what you’ll be doing during it but I would hope that at some time you take a moment to reflect. Not on anything particular and hopefully not on any incidents in your own past that you regret. Reflect on something random. Take a moment to reflect on how airplanes fly, or try and give a detailed explanation to yourself for how the tides work.

How do traffic lights work? That’s a good one to contemplate. I’ve already explained microwaves before but for those that didn’t read it, that is a good one. Maybe take a moment to think deeply about how weird it would be to be the flash. Running at near the speed of light, presumably without generating friction. The whole world freezing around you for a moment and then suddenly you are somewhere new.

I understand for him he is using the “speed force” but it does raise the question of how he sees anything. Perhaps that is another of his powers, a kind of hyper-sight that goes beyond what mere humans possess. I would think that Superman has this as well, really any alien or humanoid that can move at near the speed of light. But then Superman isn’t really the world’s best thought out character. I do find it interesting that he seems to have all the best traits of the most powerful characters in DC. Sure Darkseid can match him blow for blow (for a while) but Superman has the ability, if he wishes, to move so quickly that Darkseid could never catch him.

It’s a strange thing really. Superman only ever seems to use his extreme speed when he’s dealing with something relatively trivial. If he’s fighting some super powerful alien he tones it back and only moves as fast as he can to where they can still hit him. Strange too because punching someone at nearly the speed of light would be a hell of a showstopper. It would end worlds but it would be a brilliant move. If I were him I’d just grab my enemy and take them deep into space then release them. Fly away a few trillion miles and then turn around to slam into my enemy with a force great enough to shatter a star.

Because frankly, if your enemy survives a star shattering punch to the scrotum, they just aren’t going to die.

But like I said, take a moment tomorrow to reflect on something. If you find it enjoyable I would recommend adding it to your daily regimen. I know I’ll be doing it, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my writing done before the tired eyes set in.


So basically this but with a giant S on my shirt at the same time.

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