A Few Destiny 2 Beta and Kingdom Battle Thoughts

//A Few Destiny 2 Beta and Kingdom Battle Thoughts

A Few Destiny 2 Beta and Kingdom Battle Thoughts

Today has been a fun day for video gaming. I played through most of the beta for Destiny 2 and put a few hours into Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It’s interesting to me that both of these games are beautiful in their own way. Destiny 2 takes an approach to realism that really makes me happy I bought my new GPU. It ran at a solid 144 FPS with all the particle effects seeming to jump off the screen. If I could play this game with a VR display on I most likely would. That would sort of make my current monitors pointless but the idea of being engrossed in that visual explosion certainly tempts me.

On the opposite spectrum of things we have Kingdom Battle. A bright and colorful game that really captures one of my favorite kinds of innocence. The intro video sequence to the game feels very earnest. Like the game was made by people who grew up playing Mario. Nostalgia might be “easy” but it is still a wonderful feeling. In many ways we are our memories, celebrating those parts of ourselves is a net positive I think in a lot of situations. I don’t have much else to add.

My first impression of Kingdom Battle so far is that it starts off relatively simple and eases players into increasingly more interesting situations. The first “mid boss” battle is actually pretty fun. It catches you off guard and might necessitate a replay. Assuming you are like me and can’t not get full marks on each level.

If it maintains the quality it has now I can see it becoming an easy suggestion for current or future Switch owners.

As for Destiny 2? Assuming that they put a lot of effort into the PVE content I’ll definitely be interested. I don’t really have the time or energy anymore to keep up with PVP environments. The universe itself is something that intrigues me and it appears that Bungie did an excellent job with optimization.

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