A Quiet Afternoon

//A Quiet Afternoon

A Quiet Afternoon

  This is day 4 of my Wisdom Teeth removal. At this point it feels like I’m teething, but in reverse. The regions where teeth once were are slowly closing up, the body is not fond of wasted space and it makes no small effort to close up and use up anything of excess that it feels is no longer necessary. The feeling is not necessarily painful but it is incredibly aggravating.

  My motor skills are basically back on par, the pain medication doesn’t screw with my ability to function too much but it does still dull the mouth pain. I like that combination and am also happy that when I’m not taking it I don’t have an urge to take it. It’s on a tight schedule and once it’s gone we will officially part ways for good.

  It is very quiet outside, the wind is mostly still and the trees are utterly without motion. Their thing spindly needles each drooping towards the Earth. It’s quite nice, I do think that this would be the perfect work environment for me. Writing various random things beneath a diluted sun.

  Got the Keurig Coffee maker today. I used it to make a cup of tea that I’m sipping as I write this. I do think I may have fallen in love, at least that love you have for material goods. The tea it produced for me is soft, just warm enough, and tickles the back of my tongue. It doesn’t make the pain go away but it certainly adds a bit of smiles to my cerebrum.

  I’ll write a review for this device after I’ve had it for about a week I think. Also coming soon are Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. The former of which I was tricked into getting by my wife, not so much tricked as she said “You’d like that” and I said “Probably” and bought it.

  I have no preconceptions for either title so I don’t expect to be disappointed.

  Not much else to say, it’s been an odd 4 days. This is the longest I’ve ever spent upstairs (I finally went downstairs today) and I don’t think I’d do very well to live right here. I look forward to walking this weekend and perhaps buckling down and accomplishing something.

  Best do so soon before real life passes me by.

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