Achievements for the online part of games makes me sad.

//Achievements for the online part of games makes me sad.

Achievements for the online part of games makes me sad.

  The title of this actually explains pretty much all I wanted to say. I am finishing up Arkham Origins, nearly 100% on the content offline and gotten fairly good at combat. I went to check trophies and see what I was missing to find that something like half of all the trophies are online.

  I don’t do online modes in just about any game. I don’t want to play games with people who don’t have jobs. I will never be able to compete with a 16 year old. When I was 16 I was an unstoppable death machine that was toppling the most arrogant of people. I know what happens when you have that kind of free time.

  It takes 10,000 hours to become a master at anything and you’ll find (at least I do) that in video games that kind of investment is necessary to enjoy online games. Maybe you are different, maybe you don’t mind losing over and over but I’m not fond of it.

  Games are a puzzle for me. I like to examine the levels and the AI that the developers designed and finding out how I can overcome them. I don’t like clicking a mouse a hundred times a second nor do I like memorizing build orders.

  When achievements are locked behind the online multiplayer I realize that I’ll never be getting those trophy sets done. I have various games on Steam that are nearly complete but they’ll never get there because I just don’t do online.

  What I’d like to see is games with tacked-on (or thought out) multiplayer is to have 2 separate entries for trophies or achievements. An “Offline” list and an “Online” list. This way I can complete the part that matters to me and not see incompletion in my list.

  Someday maybe, would be nice. Or maybe offline equivalents for each online challenge.

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