Adulterated Topics ~ Global Climate Change, Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Etc.

//Adulterated Topics ~ Global Climate Change, Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Etc.

Adulterated Topics ~ Global Climate Change, Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Etc.

  There are certain topics in the world that have a really interesting quality to them. That quality is that you can almost never talk about them rationally. Just by mentioning them you will get people turning crazy and transforming from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. I don’t really want to talk about them today because I’m still recovering from a particularly nefarious hamburger (you win this one, cow) but I would like to list a few that come to mind.

  Global Climate Change is likely to turn your parents into rabid psychopaths. For whatever reason something that is entirely non-political is very much political. Gun Control is another one. You might not be aware of this but Piracy is another. Speaking of politics, politics is another. Drug legalization. We’ve also have religion as another “hot button” issue.

  Evolution, strangely enough, is another one. “Adult content” and Children is a rather remarkable one. If you aren’t for protecting kids from life you are in for a hard time discussing it. I’d be interested if you know of some that aren’t coming up to me right now.

   I find these things fascinating because in almost all the cases there is rather simple data disproves or at least diminishes the “controversy” and yet it is never good enough. Ten years, Twenty Years, a Hundred Years, 14+ Billion? No matter how much data you have these things are still “debated”.

  It also seems like you could easily predict if a topic will be hotly debated or not if it could in any obvious and meaningful way impact capitalism [even if just in theory]. Gun control is fought because of the large market behind it, drug legalization threatens various industries, global climate change threatens the fossil fuel industries, politics impacts…well…politics which is a huge industry now, evolution threatens the church (or they believe it does), and so does “adult content”.

  If there is a buck to be made by a simple truth being a lie there will be people who proclaim it to be a lie. I don’t know what to call these topics though. I feel like they should have a special name, if I were being excessively pretentious I’d try to think up some latin word hybrid.

  After a moment of reflection I realized that the problem with these topics are adults. Kids won’t have as much problem looking over the data and coming to a reasonable conclusion. It takes an adult to be stupid and gullible enough to be up in the air about something like the age of the Earth. (Which is partly why I feel like it isn’t kids that need to be protect from entertainment, but Adults).

  With that in mind maybe they should be called “Adulterated Topics”.

Something I hadn’t really thought about before. I do worry about it with my writing.
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