Adventure Times, Duck Tales, and So on.

  Started watching Adventure Time for the first time today and it is something else. Quite strange and I think I like it. Excited to see where it goes later. I’ve also made some more modifications on the green screen that I bought and I think it’ll work much better now. It can be folded to fit 2 bars or the full 4 when I get a full setup in the upstairs hobby room.

  I’ll be writing a review for Duck Tales tomorrow I suspect. I had recently been discussing the importance of controls with a fellow employee and I think this game is a great example of my point. But we’ll get to that tomorrow!

  My plans are still to pump out reading my story and get it all edited for this weekend. I don’t think that’s unreasonable and once its up I need to really put some effort behind marketing. Nothing crazy. I’m going to try and basically put as much into marketing as I make per day and see if I can get some momentum going. The hardest part is that I’ll need to make some banners. I have one image made by a very talented friend of mine but it is the only art piece he’s actually finished of a character.

  Not much else to say today. I’m going to play a bit more of Duck Tales methinks and maybe cap off the night with some Skyrim. It remains to be seen how things turn out. So I suppose we’ll end this on that and I’ll get back to life.

  PS. On something of a related note much to my duress I have thought up another story. On the bright side if I make this into a career I’ll never run out of things to write about at this time.

Braw brawbraw brow