Another random October day.

//Another random October day.

Another random October day.

  I’ve got more of the story prepared. Figured out the basic arc of the “incidents”. I’m going to try and finish up all the planning by this week. Then heavy writing will begin next week. I still haven’t drawn up the relationships map for the families and I need to because that will be very important. When people vanish, die, or are otherwise disposed, other people are disposed. Even in a big city people tend to talk, in a little town that’s going to be far more pronounced.

  We’ll see how it goes. I’m still confident I can make things happen with the story. It’ll be campy, just serious enough to be interesting. I love the name but I’ll need to offset it with a good cover and a solid back summary.  These things are crucial.

  Otherwise this was a pretty good weekend. Lots of games, relaxation, reading, and so forth. Laundry going, green screen back up, and a general pep. Internally I’m still a bit of a mess but you work with what you have.

  Not much else to add. Been doing well to keep calorie intake up and getting to bed at some kind of reasonable time. Who knows. We’ll see what comes of the rest of this year.

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