Approaching Disappointment Positively

//Approaching Disappointment Positively

Approaching Disappointment Positively

  So I was about to write this post and I grabbed my headphones and noticed that one of our kittens had chewed them up. These are not, you know, cheap headphones. But seeing as it happened when I’m trying to explain how to approach disappointment I suppose it couldn’t have been better timed. I just need to keep the cat away from anything she can get her mouth around or claws on, because they are always maimed.

  Today is the 13th, or was, now it is the 14th, but yesterday was the first elimination of the contest. Effectively Amazon “judged a book by its cover” but in this case it was your cover information. I lost out to some wordy titles and a bunch of generic sounding doodads that certainly didn’t capture my interest.

  But what do I know in that respect? Apparently not enough but that is perfectly alright. My plan going forward is to not let this get to me. I’m going to get a cover made, read the story one last time and fix whatever I can, and then I’m going to publish it digitally. If people enjoy it then they enjoy it, if they hate it that is fine too, in the end they will have read it and in that way I will have connected with someone.

  We have the unusual power to transport shards of our being into one another through songs, movies, and writing. These things last long after we are dead and continue to reverberate out across the world, even if only a little.

  So that’s my plan. I’m going to try my best to start it up this weekend. I suggest that you too take the knockdowns as signs of new opportunities and not as notches in your wall of shame. However I’ve gotten remarkably good at procrastinating, something that is so obvious that a friend shared a pretty funny image with me on the topic. Hope I didn’t just oversell it…but here it is.


  Next few months will involve a lot of saving, a lot of breathing, and then vacation. I will miss our kittens a great deal but this is likely an experience we might not be able to have if we push it off. Something new always comes up and new bills and problems will always be born.

  But as I said yesterday, I’m going to make sure that I can be as comfortable as humanly possible. I’m going to try my best to beat the demon that eats away at me.

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