Awfully Cold Day

//Awfully Cold Day

Awfully Cold Day

  Today is a surprisingly cold day. I’m not sure who turned off the sun but they could have at least warned me in advance. It was a productive day at least. We delivered a veritable department store of clothing, some game consoles, and other odds and ends to the local Goodwill. I’ve also organized my blue and green magic cards by their rarity, no longer alphabetically (that is madness).

  Writing today was slower than yesterday. I’m up to 2,857 words of the 50,000 that need to be written. I’m hoping tomorrow I can caffeine it up a bit and hit the 5,000 word mark which would set me up as 10% finished. The average necessary to finish this project by the deadline is 1,626. My current average is 1,428 which is noticeably below what I need. After today’s update I’ll likely continue writing for a bit in between queues for dungeons in WoW. It’s a good strategy that is giving me time to mull over the next piece I’ll be writing and helps me to balance my efforts and not overload my brain.

  Hmmm, didn’t like something in that last paragraph. Might just be the fault of the freaking cold here. It will be nice to move into our new place and have actual insulation between us and the outside world. This place is either hotter than outside when we want it to be cooler or colder than the outside when we want it to be warmer.

  Good day overall. I like where this story is going and I think it’ll be nice and terrible. Intentionally terrible though which I think makes it ok? Doesn’t matter either way. It is too stupid a story to not be written.


  Nothing like a picnic after your party wipes.

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