Back by Popular Demand

//Back by Popular Demand

Back by Popular Demand

Well this is one of those unusual days where I’m merely posting to confirm that I have, in fact, not died. I was gone for a week getting married. I know, crazy right? Well at any rate I’ll be discussing this week the things I’ve learned about weddings so that folks in the future can have fancy smancy weddings and not make the same mistakes or have others make the same mistakes that we did :).

Though don’t get me wrong, the wedding went beautifully, I got to see friends I haven’t seen in ages and I got to be with family that I haven’t got to socialize with in…again ages. It was a fantastic day that ended in a fantastic night (it went till night, don’t read anything suggestive :P). I’m now going to receive benefits from the state for merely confirming what Liz and myself have known for 6 years now.

  That’s about it, our house no longer has a roommate so I’m going to go spend a nice part of tonight moving things into that now beautifully vacant room :).

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