Back from the Land of the Dead.

//Back from the Land of the Dead.

Back from the Land of the Dead.

Well it has been quite a while. This post won’t be very long because my brain is still mush. Basically there was a contest on Amazon and I rewrote and finished my first book in about two weeks. Will I win? Probably not, I have a feeling I won’t even make it past the first stage but that doesn’t really bother me.

Once I know for certain I’ll get it patched up and add a few pictures (probably with the help of friends), get a cover made, and then self publish online. I’ve said this before.

But yeah, for now I’m just relaxing and letting my brain calm down. Once that’s over there is plenty to talk about, from orange air, to eating your kids, to business and general thoughts. Video games and books too.

Lots and lots.

I want to note that recently I’ve been checking out “X things to make you feel old” lists and I find they have the reverse effect on me. I barely remember most of the things which makes me feel fairly young, now if I could only convince my body.

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