Batman: Arkham Origins & Developing for Consoles

//Batman: Arkham Origins & Developing for Consoles

Batman: Arkham Origins & Developing for Consoles

  Batman: Arkham Origins has thus far really impressed me as far as content goes. The interaction between Batman and the other characters is probably some of the best in the trilogy so far. I’m only about 30-40% through it, partially because of my obsession with side content. Seeing Gotham when it isn’t half sunk and turned into a prison is quite nice.

  You’d think after that tiny tired blurb I’d be all sparkly about it but unfortunately there are some serious bugs they need to work out. They probably won’t, but they need to. If you fast travel at any point or indeed if you load any area outside of walking around (say after a cut scene you are just somewhere) the game starts to lag and lag bad. I’ve had it even lock up on one occasion. If you notice the lag you can restart to your most recent checkpoint but the buildings around you likely won’t load.

  Games lagging or breaking on PCs I can somewhat accept. But having it happen on a console is just unacceptable. You literally know if it works or not. You have the exact same hardware that everyone else has. This is really unfortunate because an otherwise stellar experience is severely marred by these problems. The camera also still hasn’t really been fixed but its been a problem since Arkham Asylum. Basically if bad guys hit you the camera focuses on them, but if they hit you in just the right order it’ll start spinning like mad making countering or getting your momentum back pretty much impossible. I just sort of learn to live with it and try my best to never get hit.

  There is a scene in the game about the origins of the Joker that is probably one of my favorite in just about any game. I literally did the entire sequence with my jaw dropped. The voice acting was fantastic, the scene was great, and you just got chills because you (or rather I) knew what this all leads to.

  I’ll have more to say once I finish it but this is certainly a good game. If they could fix all (and I mean all) of the optimization problems I would say this is easily a great game and possibly the best in the series.


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