Bigotry and Support by Silence

//Bigotry and Support by Silence

Bigotry and Support by Silence

  Goodness it got late. I found myself playing the game version of Inception as I was playing a game where I was a guy experiencing the memories of another guy who was experiencing the memories of an even older guy. Assassin’s Creed has turned into a Russian Nesting doll of sorts.

  I’ll be writing this while watching the Daily Show and Colbert report, so I suspect that later I’ll come back and read this and wonder just what madness I had to succumb to to think it was a good idea to write while watching a show. So prepare yourselves, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

  Recently I came across the unfortunate news that our ex-roommate is buddies with extreme flaming bigots, and when I say flaming I don’t mean the conventional sense, I mean that this man is on fire with hatred.

  Ironically the people he so brutally hates are homosexuals. The worst part of the hate speech, besides our roommates casual ignoring of it on his own Facebook page, but it was that the bigot was hiding behind faith. Never be fooled, anyone who tries to justify their bigotry with faith is a coward and a poor believer.


  This place should be empty.

  There is no faith that unilaterally denies homosexuality and also is unilaterally followed. Countless chapters of every holy text in the world are omitted because they are no longer relevant, the rest is cherry picked by people to perfectly fit their lives.

  Bigots deserve only one answer, all the things they wish to unleash upon those they hate should be unleashed upon them. Give them a taste of sweet irony, “Do to others as you would have them do to you. – Luke 6:31”, if they wish that those they hate cannot marry, do not allow them to marry, if they wish them to be put into camps and re-educated then do so for them. They should be friendless, alienated, and harassed.

  These people have decided that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice because their own lifestyle choice gives them, they feel, the freedom to make such unsubstantiated claims and further to take those claims and fight for them to be legally supported and protected.

  These weak justifications have been around for the history of faith and hatred. The Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Jewish, Ginger, and African Americans have all been targets at one point (some still are). In each case it was justified by passages in the bible, each time it was supported by major churches, and each time it eventually died and those involved were looked upon as fools and pathetic worthless human beings.

  If you have a friend who is hateful, harmful, or spiteful, they should not be your friend. By giving them social interaction you are supporting their lifestyle, you are just as harmful and hurtful as them. If your church has taken a stance of hate and harm, you should leave them, and if you do not you are as bad as the worst of them. If your nation supports hate, war, bigotry, or anything of the kind, fight it in any way you can, otherwise you are as worst as the worst of those in power.

  If you live in a Democracy, vote against hate, because those that hate will vote. Hate is powerful, hate is energizing, and those that hate will always find time to belittle those they disdain. If you do not stand up against them, if you do not speak out against them, they win and you have supported their cause with passivity.

  I suppose what I’m saying is that our ex-roommate is a homophobe by the simple acts of supporting his church and by refusing to break off ties with people who merrily speak of homosexuals like they are piles of dog shit.

  I am truly disappointed I ever gave him a place to sleep, it was a grave error on my part.

  Also, don’t write posts while watching shows.

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