Birthday Gifts and Twitching

//Birthday Gifts and Twitching

Birthday Gifts and Twitching

  It’s about time I set another goal for myself for the next living year. I’ve been told that 27 has been an exceptionally good year for at least one relative of mine. Given a rather random phone call I got today it is entirely possible that my 27th year will also be great.

  I’m going to try and do either a written update daily or at least link to a Let’s Play or one of the collaborative projects with other people. Now that I know I can write multiple articles in one day and have them set to publish on different days I will likely use that to help give myself some room to breath from time to time.

  I decided to make myself a gift today so I’ve designed a Stream built to support up to 4 other people at once. When I don’t have other people it tells you what I’m playing and gives you some urls to other places.


I look so happy!

  I’m getting great traction on twitch and I hope to expand what I’m doing. Also it would be nice to get some art done for the channel instead of using works from elsewhere. At any rate this was not a bad birthday. Quiet, relaxing, and more or less what I wanted.

  Time to go play games for a little bit longer and then relax to some comic books. Who knows what the future holds but I’m rather hopeful. Historically I’ve had difficulty making a strong first impression but generally once I’m given time the relationships snowball into something beautiful.

  If you have a twitch account feel free to subscribe to me. If you like to stream your games as well we can team up and chat with one another while we play.

Birthday Haul
[for those interested]

Ni no Kuni
Super Mario Dream Team
Bunch of Gift Cards (which will be used to buy a video capture device for consoles)
Tons of DC Animated Films
Awesome Killing Joke Joker Statue

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