Black Hole Fun Won’t You Come

//Black Hole Fun Won’t You Come

Black Hole Fun Won’t You Come

  I had a random thought recently about the nature of dichotomies. There are many ways and many examples that show dichotomies to be vapid. But there is one in particular that I’m curious about. Allow me to take you on a short journey through a physics thought experiment that is largely based in ignorance but certainly not apathy. [Because obviously if I was apathetic I’d just shrug it off.]

  Imagine a black hole resting in space. It pulls equally in all directions creating a sphere that no light can escape. This black hole is about the size of a single earth for the sake of visuals. Now imagine they we can somehow place larger black holes around it. Bringing them closer and closer until their gravity starts interacting with the gravity of this (much) smaller black hole.

  What would happen to it? If you evacuate enough pressure from most things that I’m aware of they will expand and given the right environment they will explode. Could you stretch a black hole? Michio Kaku (and others but he’s the person I heard it from) says that the center of a black hole has infinite gravitation. I’m curious if this means you could not generate enough gravitation outside of the center of a black hole to actually cause this event to unfold.

  What would happen if you could do this? What would it look like? Could you stretch a point singularity? It leaves me wondering and I am probably going to forward the question over to StarTalk. I’d love to hear NdGT speak on this topic and perhaps put my mind to rest (at the very least on this).

  On this same train of thought what would happen if you placed the edge of the black hole inside of the event horizon of multiple other black holes. What strange things would unfold? I suspect the boring answer is they’d all merge but I’m working under the assumption we can keep the larger ones apart somehow.

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