Bone White Flags on the Lunar Surface

//Bone White Flags on the Lunar Surface

Bone White Flags on the Lunar Surface

  Over 40 years ago we started a short lived hobby of sticking American flags on the surface of the moon. For a long time people wondered what had happened to the flags. Were they still there? Were they still standing? It would be only recently that we found out that they are not only still there but they are even standing (minus the first one).

If you were curious there is no question we landed on the moon.

  The American Flags are no longer waving the red, white, and blue. I like this personally. I feel like the bleaching of those flags over the decades has unintentionally reminded us of the reality of patriotism. Your body will turn to dust the same no matter which nation you pledge allegiance to.

  It’s been said many times but we genuinely are not separated by borders. Those fancy flags that each country has made to define themselves all hide a truth beneath their dyes. We are all one race. We breath the same, eat the same, breed the same, and sense the same.

  Not much else to say on it I suppose. It’s an important thing to remember. All our divides are manifestations of our mind, they are not genuine in the slightest.

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