Brain Fatigue

//Brain Fatigue

Brain Fatigue

  Brains are an unusual thing, even now I’m talking about my brain with my brain. More accurately my brain is talking about itself but using a pseudonym. Or would it be talking in the third person? Similar to “Chad thinks we should go to the mall. Chad really likes what Chad has to say.” “Alright…Chad.”

  Well regardless this odd cyclical system of self referential commentary is getting us nowhere! I want you to know that I am so incredibly tired right now. This exhaustion leads to a series of wonderful things. The first being that I am not fully aware of just how slow I am completing tasks or just how well I am completing them. A tired person does not (perhaps cannot) accurately tell how tired they are, similar to a person who is drinking trying to figure out how drunk they are.

  The answer is always given as N, but the answer is always N+1 or worse. It gets better because this doesn’t just stretch into my ability to work heavy machinery, juggle chainsaws, or hold a kitten it also goes into just how much sense the things I say make. My ability to rationalize and contemplate topics is completely hindered. Right now I presume I’m saying profound things but I bet by tomorrow morning this will look like the drunken ramblings of the neighborhood urchin.

  This ended up giving me a mighty big problem. What was I going to talk about today when my brain has gone full retard? If Minecraft is too brain intensive, what hope do I have to finish a post on here.

  Well I realized then that talking about how the brain acts when it is tired as the best option! Attack the problem at its source!


  If you are ever trying to decide if you should study all night or wake up early and study then the answer should always be to sleep and study in the morning. All that studying you do overnight is basically wasted time. Much of the progress you’ll make on that test in the morning will be from the studying or class time of the weeks prior, and not that brain stoned stupor of an all night study marathon.

  It’s doubly bad if you do it, you waste all that time reading a book but now when you take the test you will be totally hammered by fatigue. The circles will start to warble, you’ll start daydreaming, questions will become a sea of meaningless characters smacked together in an utterly random fashion.

  If you are tired enough to wobble, don’t drive. An exhausted person is as dangerous as a drunk person or a person texting while driving. All three of these things are a fantastic recipe for vehicular manslaughter.


I’ve got this.

  Brains are pretty much assholes, that’s something that nobody should ever forget. Your brain will never tell you (it?) when there is a major cognitive failure, and for a very good reason: “It doesn’t know what it doesn’t know”. When your computer has registry errors that wipe the records of a disk drive from the system it doesn’t know that they are gone, it doesn’t even know they existed to be gone.

  When your brain is in full blown stupid it has no idea it is. Just like a totally inebriated person tends to think they are running on all cylinders. How better to explain this…given my own mental disability at the moment. The brain can’t register that there are problems in the system if the system itself is broken. Yeah…that’s it. I like that.

  You know what is crazy? Just a random closing thought, with the passing of ACTA this sort of post could cause this whole website to get taken down. The amount of free time that would open up to me would allow me to play a video game for an extra hour a day.


  They passed ACTA so I’d start buying more games.

  Jokes on them. Steam already sold me all the games. At this point if the entire spectrum of “free” content out there was nuked from orbit I’d not have a single extra game I’d want to buy. When did this happen? I remember the days when I was clamoring for video games. Now I don’t even look up previews for upcoming titles.

  It’s not that all games have turned into complete piles of crap (not all of them have) but I already own the ones that haven’t…unfortunately I own some that have as well.

  But wait! Digression alert! Brain cannot handle original train of thought. Time to pack up this stuff and ship it out. Which I’m serious about, I have some Amazon returns I really need to get out tomorrow.

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