Bravely Defaulting to the Weekend

//Bravely Defaulting to the Weekend

Bravely Defaulting to the Weekend

   If you happen to have a 3DS or a 3DSXL you really owe it to yourself to download the demo for Bravely Default. This game is much better than it has any right to be. It’s that kind of genuine game that makes you smile because you know it was made with fun in mind, it isn’t out to scam you or fuck your wallet, it just wants you to enjoy yourself.

  I’ve felt that way about a few games recently. It’s really nice and I’m happy to have hit a point in my life again where I have a handful of games that I want to play because they are fun and not because they manipulate my psychology to try and get me to pump cash into them.

  I noticed my Project 52 page is broken, I’ll need to figure out what happened and repair that sometime soon. I’ll be including comics in it shortly because they tend to be packed in 4’s for the trade copies which is easily the size of a book. Additionally tomorrow we’ll be having another update me the IOS Mod which is good news for the 53 people now using it. Nearly all of those people have updated once as well it looks like. I’m pretty excited about the popularity it has seen. Very refreshing to see people liking something I’m working on and I like collaborating with friends on things.

  This weekend should be fun, I have some things that are arguably interesting to write about and I’m feeling pretty good physically and mentally.

Just a monk hiding in the grass.

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