Let’s Make A Game – Up and Atom (Thoughts)

So this project is actually in response to a request I received. There are probably a billion platformer tutorials online, but what harm is there in a billion and one? I’m building a relatively simple platformer with a few pieces that will then be bundled up as a project with an explanation video. This will hopefully allow people who are interested to check out what I’ve done and try their hand at both learning the basics and improving on my design.

The latter will be even easier than the former, I suspect. Amusingly I’m currently confronting the issue of using too small of objects. I may rectify this before release by just increasing the viewing window of the camera so that I can use larger objects but still have it all contained within a single non moving scene.

Regardless. Tomorrow I’ll stream some of my refactoring and detail out a fun little extra feature I want to add to this. (Namely the physical making, saving, loading, of created levels). I don’t plan to let people place new blocks or pieces, that isn’t hard but it is a very time consuming thing to add. Instead you’ll be able to simply edit the scale and position of what is in the scene. Then hit save, name your safe, and there you go! Easy peezy.

The image in the header is me testing out the early version of that. Nothing super impressive or groundbreaking, but it is there.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Thinking

There are fewer worse ideas in the writing world than to do it late at night. Your brain with little sleep is about as useful as a brain on alcohol or some other illicit drug. Even when you feel like you are having an epiphany the resulting text is usually just a smattering of low energy nonsense. That said, I didn’t finish my original goal for today which was to have my new front page finished. It’s looking like I might want to purchase the full version of Visual Composer as the one I’m using doesn’t appear to have height editing capabilities. This is crucial if I don’t want my posts to be 9 stories tall.

I’m looking forward to something fresh and new. Hopefully with previews for the latest YouTube video I’ve uploaded, and whatever else. It remains to be seen if it will be worth looking at. It’ll be an especially grand waste of time if I keep updating this darn webpage at 10-11 at night. My brain is just absolute mush. Today it got upwards of 110 degrees and it “felt” even hotter than that according to Google. Obscene heat that just has no place in the world. I realize it gets hotter in other places and I realize other weather phenomena at the moment are really destroying lives. But those facts don’t really pull from the fact that this heat absolutely ravaged me internally. My brain is foggy, my abdomen hurts, and though I’ve drank a lot of water (and a fair bit of tea) today, I still feel like I’m not quite hydrated.

There just isn’t much you can do when the sun decides it is time to die. Other than suck it up and hope you might beat the odds.

As part of my hope to have a much healthier 31 than 30, I’m going to see what I can do about not being “productive” so late at night. It might be difficult but I think I can work something out.

On a related note, I’m thinking I really want to build a “compendium” program. Basically an encyclopedia of all my ideas for the IOS Universe (and other stories). Maybe plop it up on and update it over time as I have more to stuff in there. It would mostly be for me but anyone interested will be able to pick it up and give it a read.

I’ll leave with one more negative to writing late at night. Writing anything gets me excited, which means it’ll be even harder to get sleep. Something that I’m really not getting enough of lately.

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A Few Destiny 2 Beta and Kingdom Battle Thoughts

Today has been a fun day for video gaming. I played through most of the beta for Destiny 2 and put a few hours into Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It’s interesting to me that both of these games are beautiful in their own way. Destiny 2 takes an approach to realism that really makes me happy I bought my new GPU. It ran at a solid 144 FPS with all the particle effects seeming to jump off the screen. If I could play this game with a VR display on I most likely would. That would sort of make my current monitors pointless but the idea of being engrossed in that visual explosion certainly tempts me.

On the opposite spectrum of things we have Kingdom Battle. A bright and colorful game that really captures one of my favorite kinds of innocence. The intro video sequence to the game feels very earnest. Like the game was made by people who grew up playing Mario. Nostalgia might be “easy” but it is still a wonderful feeling. In many ways we are our memories, celebrating those parts of ourselves is a net positive I think in a lot of situations. I don’t have much else to add.

My first impression of Kingdom Battle so far is that it starts off relatively simple and eases players into increasingly more interesting situations. The first “mid boss” battle is actually pretty fun. It catches you off guard and might necessitate a replay. Assuming you are like me and can’t not get full marks on each level.

If it maintains the quality it has now I can see it becoming an easy suggestion for current or future Switch owners.

As for Destiny 2? Assuming that they put a lot of effort into the PVE content I’ll definitely be interested. I don’t really have the time or energy anymore to keep up with PVP environments. The universe itself is something that intrigues me and it appears that Bungie did an excellent job with optimization.

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Exceptional Primes and the Number 31

I’m a bit tired. So I’m going to mention a project I’m thinking about tackling in unity sometime. Why Unity? Well because I like doing shit in it. I could probably make this in something much smaller. Anyways, let’s get into the finer details. As mentioned in the title of the previous post, my age is now a prime number. It will not be prime again until I am 37. But that got me wondering. Is the sum of prime’s including my age, also a prime? So I got checking. One thing to consider that I didn’t last time I thought about this was that 1 is not prime. It has a single factorization, not two, and prime numbers have two.

Anyways. Let’s check out the idea a bit.

I’m going to make this simple, the number first, the sum of primes including that number, and whether or not it fits my rule.

2 : 1 – No3 : 2 – Yes, 5 : 3 – Yes, 7 : 4 – No11 : 5 – Yes, 13 : 6 – No, 17 : 8 – No, 19 : 9 – No, 23 : 10 – No, 29 : 11 – Yes, 31 : 13 – Yes, 37 : 15 – No, 41 : 16 – No!

So as you can see, up until 41 years of age there are a number of exceptionally prime years. 3, 5, 11, 29, and 31! The next one is at…67 (17)! That’s so far from now!

I actually wrote the program tonight and here are my initial findings!

2 : 1 – NO!, 3 : 2 – YES!, 5 : 3 – YES!, 7 : 4 – NO!, 11 : 5 – YES!, 13 : 6 – NO!, 17 : 7 – YES!, 19 : 8 – NO!, 23 : 9 – NO!, 29 : 10 – NO!, 31 : 11 – YES!, 37 : 12 – NO!, 41 : 13 – YES!, 43 : 14 – NO!, 47 : 15 – NO!, 53 : 16 – NO!, 59 : 17 – YES!, 61 : 18 – NO!, 67 : 19 – YES!, 71 : 20 – NO!, 73 : 21 – NO!, 79 : 22 – NO!, 83 : 23 – YES!, 89 : 24 – NO!, 97 : 25 – NO!, 101 : 26 – NO!, 103 : 27 – NO!, 107 : 28 – NO!, 109 : 29 – YES!, 113 : 30 – NO!, 127 : 31 – YES!, 131 : 32 – NO!, 137 : 33 – NO!, 139 : 34 – NO!, 149 : 35 – NO!, 151 : 36 – NO!, 157 : 37 – YES!, 163 : 38 – NO!, 167 : 39 – NO!, 173 : 40 – NO!, 179 : 41 – YES!, 181 : 42 – NO!, 191 : 43 – YES!, 193 : 44 – NO!, 197 : 45 – NO!, 199 : 46 – NO!, 211 : 47 – YES!, 223 : 48 – NO!, 227 : 49 – NO!, 229 : 50 – NO!, 233 : 51 – NO!, 239 : 52 – NO!, 241 : 53 – YES!, 251 : 54 – NO!, 257 : 55 – NO!, 263 : 56 – NO!, 269 : 57 – NO!, 271 : 58 – NO!, 277 : 59 – YES!, 281 : 60 – NO!, 283 : 61 – YES!, 293 : 62 – NO!, 307 : 63 – NO!, 311 : 64 – NO!, 313 : 65 – NO!, 317 : 66 – NO!, 331 : 67 – YES!, 337 : 68 – NO!, 347 : 69 – NO!, 349 : 70 – NO!, 353 : 71 – YES!, 359 : 72 – NO!, 367 : 73 – YES!, 373 : 74 – NO!, 379 : 75 – NO!, 383 : 76 – NO!, 389 : 77 – NO!, 397 : 78 – NO!, 401 : 79 – YES!, 409 : 80 – NO!, 419 : 81 – NO!, 421 : 82 – NO!, 431 : 83 – YES!, 433 : 84 – NO!, 439 : 85 – NO!, 443 : 86 – NO!, 449 : 87 – NO!, 457 : 88 – NO!, 461 : 89 – YES!, 463 : 90 – NO!, 467 : 91 – NO!, 479 : 92 – NO!, 487 : 93 – NO!, 491 : 94 – NO!, 499 : 95 – NO!, 503 : 96 – NO!, 509 : 97 – YES!, 521 : 98 – NO!, 523 : 99 – NO!, 541 : 100 – NO!, 547 : 101 – YES!, 557 : 102 – NO!, 563 : 103 – YES!, 569 : 104 – NO!, 571 : 105 – NO!, 577 : 106 – NO!, 587 : 107 – YES!, 593 : 108 – NO!, 599 : 109 – YES!, 601 : 110 – NO!, 607 : 111 – NO!, 613 : 112 – NO!, 617 : 113 – YES!, 619 : 114 – NO!, 631 : 115 – NO!

Anyways, I’m going to look even deeper into the math behind this in the coming week and graph out the results. See what we are looking at here. I’m sure some math dork has already worked this out and given it a name. But I’m still going to swoop in like a peregrine penguin and give it my own name as well. I don’t know what it will be yet. Exceptionally prime does sound kinda funny though.

Edit: For fun I went up to 101 since that’s a pretty likely “end” point for a lot of folks. That or sooner. We’ve got 73 (19) and 97 (23)!

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Welcome to 31, now I’m ready for primetime.

Against all odds I appear to have gotten older again. Technically, I suppose, I’ve always been getting older. That said I feel like people experience an extra special oldness when they hit a birthday. These not-entirely-arbitrary checkpoints in our lives. You don’t get an awful lot of them currently, a generation or two ahead of me there are going to be far more birthdays to be had than I’m going to have. Unless science really loses its shit, which I wouldn’t mind. I still wouldn’t be unhappy to sail the stars. Even if that journey took an unreasonably long time. I feel like it could be an incredible experience.

Shame about space being all gungho on wanting to kill us all. Really rude, space. And no, I’m not going to capitalize it, space needs to mind its manners better.

I’m about to begin another journey for the next three hundred and sixty five or so days. I’d like to get back into writing…or at least creating in some fashion. Every single day I’m going to make a goal of doing something. Anything to keep life interesting and to keep each day having some kind of purpose. Even if that creating is a short blurb on my latest thoughts, or a video of me wasting time. The worst thing that I could do at this point is nothing I feel. I was reminded recently that this website does actually reach folks. I got an email from someone on the topic of cognitive biases. Well confirmation bias specifically I think it was. That was a very exciting moment for me. I still need to read their full article on the topic but that’s something I can add to the list for this week.

Additionally if you are following me on YouTube, you’ll see that I’m uploading videos again. Are they good? I don’t know! But they are there. I’m doing something and I think that’s not too bad. And beyond that I’ve been streaming to Twitch lately. Can’t say I expect to corner any of these markets but that’s fine. I won’t be any less remembered than a lot of congress people. It’s strange how high up in the world you can get and be not only unknown in life but all-but-forgotten in death. The majority of musicians, artists, world leaders, they all vanish into obscurity for darn near everyone else on the planet.

So being a nobody isn’t too bad. Really it’s more common than I think a lot of people give credit. Big rock or small, it won’t be long before the ripples it leaves return to stillness in the pond of life. And if we ever find ourselves dropping a rock into that pond hard enough to displace the water forever I don’t think anyone will really be left to remember either.

Anyways. The next step in my plan is to build a weekly schedule. What can be expected each day. I’m thinking about reading at least once a week, writing at least once a week, streaming at least once a week, and working out multiple times a week. I just need to schedule these things to help myself keep up with them. If I don’t have a plan I’m naught but a leaf in the breeze. Carried by the whims of the world around me.

Also, while we are on the topic of change. We are on that topic right? Whatever, I need to finally update the main page of this website. It’s been the same old thing for a thousand years. This theme has far too much utility to be used in such a blaze manner. (Uh, Rico, it’s blasé. But you didn’t write that because you didn’t know how to make that fancy ass e).

Happy Birthday to me. We’ll come back in a year and see if at 32 I managed. Judging by how life has been going we’ll be there in the blink of an eye.

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