A Whale of a Workout [Day 7]

Today is a big day for this little adventure. I’ve officially passed the 50% mark for the Antarctic Minke. I’ve lifted just under 2.5 tons total in the last 7 days. I don’t know what my previous weight lifting amounts were like. But I’m pretty happy with this. It looks like the upper limit before my arms start shaking uncontrollably is 60 presses. I’m a fairly small fella. Not really embarrassed about the starting point. If I raise the weight of each dumbbell from 22.5 to 25 I could get the same number of lifts in 54 lifts rather than 60. That said, I wonder how difficult that would be.

It seems to me that a good strategy currently would be to split up my lifting in the morning and then at night. Or perhaps at lunch and then at night. Additionally if I did more than half as many each time I could increase my overall lifting per day. Who knows, it might even help wake me up each day.

Not much else to say. I had some terrible food poisoning (or something) yesterday. ended up sleeping through most of the day and having no energy. But I’m back on track. For anyone that likes seeing the trend line and my current progress here comes that tidbit.

Trend line obviously adjusts with each passing day but I like to see where I could end up on any given day if I maintained.

Trend line obviously adjusts with each passing day but I like to see where I could end up on any given day if I maintained.

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A Whale of a Workout [Day 2]

I don’t have any plans to update every day. But who knows, maybe miracles can happen? I spent most of today watching Wrestlemania. Which was so much better than last year. Last year it ended with a match involving Roman Reigns. He’s one of the worst wrestlers I’ve ever seen in the sport. Thankfully they learned from their mistakes and had the final match of this Wrestlemania starring The Undertaker! And-Roman Reigns. What? Why? The whole night was a great experience? Why end with one of the least talented wrestlers in history against one of the most popular wrestlers ever? Reigns retired Undertaker tonight, it is mind boggling. Anyways I’m not bad, I’ve calmed down from that incredibly sad conclusion to a wonderful night.

A bit after the Reigns poison emptied from my veins I moved onto lifting weight. My arms still ache from yesterday but I’m having a good time. Today I lifted 22.5lbs 50 times (each arm). That works out to 2,250 lbs or just over 1 ton. And now that we have two days down I can put in a trend line! Lets check it out.

Arms will fall off before I meet that trend I imagine.

Arms will fall off before I meet that trend I imagine.

Not bad at all. The blue is how much I’ve lifted for the day and the green is the cumulative weight I’ve lifted since the beginning of April. Currently it looks like I could potentially lift just under 70K lbs. I’ll get you soon Antarctic Minke. I think my next goal is to make sure I’m getting enough protein to benefit from this lifting.

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A Whale of a Workout

Last December I fell down the stairs. I ended up injuring my back and it still isn’t better. Because of that I found myself not working out anymore. But recently I realized I can’t wait any longer. I’ll be starting physical therapy soon (need to call Monday) and I’ve gotten back into lifting weights.

Now, I’ve only got dumbbells. Well, technically I’ve also got kettlebells, but let’s continue. I wanted to try something fun for April. Alongside my development work. I want to get back into lifting but with a twist. Have you ever considered how much you lift when you work out? Not at once, but cumulatively speaking.

Currently I lift 22.5 lbs on each arm. Not an insurmountable sum but it starts to burn relatively fast for someone my size. That’s 16.18% of my bodyweight on either arm. I’ve yet to decide if I want to try and lift lots of weight fewer times or less weight more times. No amount of reading has really settled which is better.

Each time I lift one of the weights completely I count that as 22.5lbs per arm. Anytime I lift a single weight with both arms I count it as 22.5lbs (11.25lbs per arm, seems fair). So my curiosity is how many days will it take me to lift as much weight as a whale?

“Lots of different kinds of whales, dude.” You might be thinking. And I agree! My list of checkpoints are as follows and in order: Antarctic Minke, Orc, Sei, Sperm, Humpback, Fin, Southern Right, and Blue.

The weights of these whales starts at a mere 7 tons (14,000 lbs) up to a very intimidating 100 tons (200,000 lbs).

As of today I’ve lifted 22.5lbs a total of 95 times. 5 of those behind the head with a hinge style lift and the other 90 split between bench press style lifts and curls into overhead presses. This amounts to 2,137.5 lbs or 1.06 tons.

What external factors do I have to consider for today? I actually did lift two days ago and my arms still haven’t recovered. But this also means that if I try to do this every day I’ll need to get used to that. I’m not going to give myself a deadline for this little project. This is an experiment to add a little bit of fun to my workout. I’m also going to try a variety of workouts over the month.

Starting tomorrow, if I do manage to pull this off two days in a row, I’ll post some graphs with trend lines. I’m not super great with excel but I can muster up some basic stuff.

If I pull off at least as many lifts tomorrow that will mean that within a week I’ll have lifted the same amount of total weight as an Antarctic Minke Whale. It’ll be interesting to see how far up the list I make it this month. Especially if PT ends up taking a lot out of me.


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The Ultimate Month ~ December

Language is a funny thing. You might have read that header and thought to yourself “This guy really likes December.” I suppose you wouldn’t be far off from the truth. December is so powerful that even the awful hellscape that is Southern California calms for a brief respite.

But I mean Ultimate as in “What comes after Penultimate.” This is the end of 2016. We now stare down the final 31 days. I personally want to do something fun with it. I don’t quite know what yet. The first thing that I plan to do is completely cut out my time on chat rooms and comment sections. I’m starting that as of the posting of this entry. I’ll still use Discord specifically for pseudo work related conversation (room with a couple people) but otherwise nothing.

Twitter will be simply to glance at the most recent art and continue dishing out the likes that I so enjoy giving. But baiting comments, contrived perceptions about the machinations of the world, or outright trolling, I’m going to be ignoring it all for the end of the year. I just might cut out Twitter as well, but we’ll see.

I would like to make some things this month. While I reached the word count for NaNoWriMo this was the least pleasant time I’ve had in the entire four years I’ve been going at it. I would like to spruce up this website as well as They both need work and more frequent updating.

I’m also considering shutting off comments for this website specifically. I realize that I want to use this more as a medium to express myself. I have no illusions that I understand the world. But for me talking about things is a means of catharsis. Luckily basically everyone that visits is already just a lurker, which means that nothing will be lost by this change.

Basically, I can’t use this place to empty out my brain if I’m concerned that around the corner is crazy. And given the absolute insanity I’ve bumped into elsewhere, I just don’t wish to deal with it. It’s a numbers game and invariably you will stumble across an agitated animal.

I wonder if wordpress has any kind of convenient archiving systems. I don’t necessarily want to lose my old content but I’d love to clean this place up. It’s a very cluttered mess.

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The Internet and the Illusion of Acceptability

This won’t be nearly as thorough as it needs to be. And frankly if YouTube trends hold, it’ll get covered in a couple months (or years) by VSauce or something anyways. But I figure I’m paying for the webhosting and I may as well use it.

There are somewhere around 7 billion people in the world. For the sake of conversation today I’m going to just focus on the 300+ million people in the united states. Mostly because it’s the country I’ve spent the most time in and it is also a country trying desperately (and failing) to grasp the influence of algorithms on everyday life.

Everything around you on the internet gives you a false sense of acceptability. I’m going to go into that in detail and you can decide to accept it or not. If I’m correct there is a high chance you’ll accept it just by virtue of being here. The claim itself seems possibly a bit bold but there isn’t much to it.

The first step is recognizing that there is no depth of depravity you can reach where there won’t be like minded people. We are all using the same basic organic matter to comprise our thoughts. The spectrum with which we all live is fairly tightly confined. This is all a nice way of saying you, and I, are not special snowflakes. No matter what you like, there is some tiny % of people out there (at a minimum) that also likes it.

“But I like nailing deer to a wall with shrapnel explosives. That has to be unique.” I can tell you with certainty that with a bit of searching you’ll find a community for this. No matter how lovely, or how loathing, everything about you has a place in this world. Depending on just how depraved you are it might be a bit harder to find others willing to admit it, but once you find them you’ll become fast friends.

This was harder back in the day. Most of the leg work had to be done by you. But now we are in the world of algorithms. Connecting you with like minded people is incredibly lucrative. It keeps you engaged and helps get impressions on advertisements. So as long as you are willing to accept the fact that you aren’t a snowflake the rest of this process is pretty simple.

The first is that you say something. Just about anything, online. Once you express yourself openly services like Google will begin doing most of the legwork for you. Any like minded websites that are advertising through them will start showing up for you everywhere. This gives you an in to meeting new people that also share your love for butchering mammals (or whatever it is).

Now that you’ve met these people you start connecting with them through the various social networks you use. Those networks wish to keep you engaged so they too will then start showing you friends of those friends. This will help tighten your sphere as Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere start showing you less and less content it notices you don’t engage with. “Animal Cruelty? Pshaw, what nonsense.” You might say, clicking that “Show me less of this.” feature.

Finally all of these services provide you manual tools (like the show me less feature) to help filter out interactions that don’t conform with your feelings. How can what you like be wrong? You’ve made friends with over 300 people with similar interests?! To you that must mean there are way more people out there that feel the same way. However that is not necessarily true. You might find some folks that share “some” of your interests. Maybe some hunters will start chatting with you because they don’t realize you enjoy watching the life fade from the eyes of your victims. You don’t really bring that up much so it doesn’t push them away.

These extreme edges to interests are not generally brought up in conversation because they rarely have a place. This is why a lot of relationships start off pretty slow. Everyone is waiting for someone to make a dick joke before they can open up with the whole list of dong comedy they’ve had stored up. You’ve experienced this, everyone you know has. It’s just a natural human thing.

But that feeling of acceptability is entirely fabricated. That love you have may not actually be alright. Maybe beating your spouse isn’t a good idea? “But I have 50,000 followers on Twitter.” Surely so, but the algorithms are doing all the heavy lifting for you. They are manipulating what information you deliver reaches others. Commentary that doesn’t appeal too certain fans as much as others will not reach them. Everyone gets a side of you that works best for them. Everyone gets a side of you that helps raise more revenue more consistently.

This is going to be the foundation of a lot of fighting in the coming years. It’s the source of all the nonsense you are probably reading about daily. This idea that extreme views (from any spectrum of society) are somehow widely supported. It’s only going to get worse as algorithms get better. They will continue to harden the shell around people and will continue to polish the pedestals they raise us upon.

It isn’t even necessarily crucial that you listen to differing opinions. I feel that the most crucial thing you can do is realize that you are being played. And if you ever think this is being hyperbolic, chat with your friends about a toaster. Watch how all the ads around you start shifting to home appliance. How all the suggestions on social networks start being about home improvements, electronics, and anything else tangentially related to toasters.

Look at that? Facebook wants you to follow Mario Batali. What a coincidence!

The moment that toaster switches to anything else, the algorithms follow. You say the most heinous thing on your mind and suddenly you find yourself in corners of the internet that you didn’t realize existed. Because even if a single person out of every million likes what you like. There are over three hundred other people in the US alone that love that thing. Imagine if you constantly spoke with three hundred different people about your hatred for one group of people or another?

Wouldn’t that feel like everyone agrees with you? I get three people chatting with me about how awesome Final Fantasy 12 is and I suddenly feel like the whole world is on my side.

Be careful. Don’t let marketing algorithms fuck you up. You are better than that. Marketing people made Game of War ads, don’t let those same folks gimp your ability to be a productive member of society. It is embarrassing.

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