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Reviews: Highmaul Raid PT.1

Raiding last night didn’t go as great as the last few runs. It could have been on account of a great many things. Which I suppose goes without saying. You can find the text logs for it here. Those of you that like a video can find it here until Twitch deletes it. Since tomorrow I’ll be posting my guides for Fantasy Life I’ll spend a bit of time today talking about the Highmaul Raid and my feelings on it so far.

from Wowhead.

from Wowhead.

Kargath is a bittersweet experience. I don’t really care for the character too much which meant that I didn’t much mind him being the FIRST fight. That said I do think it was a peculiar decision. They might have been better off having him be the second boss or having him not get outright killed this early in the expansion. He apparently has quite a following among wow players. The fight is pretty good. Generally speaking if you follow through with mechanics and don’t tunnel on him or the surroundings you should finish the fight.

For me the most ideal boss situation is one where the boss gives you a series of challenges that must be overcome. If those challenges are overcome the fight will inevitably end in your favor. The kind of fight I don’t like is one where RNGesus is the only thing standing between you and failure. It’s just not something I like and it was far FAR too prevalent in content previous. One bad spike of damage and it was all over for many groups.

I turn tokens into gold!

I turn tokens into gold!

The fight that is stereotypically done after Kargath is the Butcher. He’s a big ugly bastard with an absolutely fabulous apron. I’m so annoyed I can’t wear this apron you have no idea. It would be the best leather gear to ever drop. Ever. Period. Nothing else would come close.


In Warcraft there are fights called “Gear checks” which effectively are impossible to finish if you don’t have enough damage output in your party. For a bit this was the case for our little group but once you overcome that it then becomes a matter of paying attention. He requires coordination, usually between two or three people, while the rest of the party needs to be aware of their surroundings and how close other people are to them.

It’s pretty nice. I think he’s a funny character and the fight is fairly relaxing. That is until the last 30% of his life when things kick into dramatics. If you flinch for even a second he could wipe out 4 to 5 people in a single swipe. He’s also optional. If folks don’t think they can take him it doesn’t ruin the rest of the raid for them.

All in all pretty neat. Plus he looks spiffy in a Santa hat.

Derp face.

Derp face.

Then we have Tectus. I went from really hating Tectus to really really liking him. Tectus has so many fun little mechanics that really require people pay attention. But if you DO pay attention he’s pretty relaxing. He starts out being this invulnerable mountain that farts out deadly red dust. That dust chases after people and kills them or anyone else that ends up staying in it for longer than a second or two.

Additionally there are a couple ads in the first phase. They can be a pain in the ass and can also buff the boss so they need to be killed quickly. Amusingly the SMALLER of the two ads is the one that is bringing the hurt. Kinda reminds me of Anime. Always the little guy punching hippos around.

After you shatter him once two smaller versions of him rise in his place. They have the same moveset but weaker. Still now you have twice as many things to worry about. Twice as many spikes, twice as many freaking OHKO mountains shooting out of the ground, and two times the mountain fart. At this point folks focus down one of the two and then shit-gets-crazy. Five of them up at once.

That’s 5 OHKO mountains that block view, 5 streams of gas, and so forth. A good team can make this look effortless while a bad team can make this a nearly instantaneous wipe. It is a thing to behold and one of the high points of this raid.

Imagine this is Brackenspore

Imagine this is Brackenspore

I don’t have any screens of Brackenspore on me at this moment. I don’t like this fight. Brackenspore has far far too much life. I believe this fight was designed to stress out healers. Which is fine if you are a healer. As a DPS it is painfully boring. The ads that spawn aren’t interesting and all these seem to do is delay a long fight to unbearable lengths. I find myself wanting to do this fight about as much as I want to slam my head in a door.

It doesn’t help that he really drops nothing I care about.

One bit of positivity is that there is a neat flamethrower mechanic in this fight. Moss grows that will heal the boss at breakneck speed if it touches him. If you’ve ever wanted to fight something that just pisses you off. Get this guy to 1% then have moss spawn right under him because of poor luck, instantly healing him for hundreds of thousands of hit points in the blink of an eye.

Oh great! Not like I wasn’t already doing this fight forever…

Terrible fight. A black mark on an otherwise good experience. This fight is skippable at the very least.

However once you finish that you’ll have completed everything in the first section of this two part Raid. You can also potentially skip everything but Kargath. It’s all up to the group. I do recommend doing Brackenspore at least once in every difficulty I can’t really recommend him for anything else. I pity anyone that needs him for gear because fighting him is tedious. It’s not really hard, just long and boring.

Overall not too bad of a raid. It’s above average [2.5 being average, naturally] and it only goes up [quite a bit] from here in my opinion (as we get into the second wing)!

For anyone interested in my current yields from Highmaul you can find it in the link below:


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Reviews: Civilization: Beyond Earth

This will be my first review using a handy dandy star system. Eventually we’ll be converting the theme a bit so that it follows my color scale but for now I think this will be alright. I’m not entirely sure what I want to review in games but there are a few things in games that I look for. I think of Aesthetics over Graphics, to me graphics is a poor verbiage. Games like Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress aren’t graphically impressive games but I think both of them are beautiful in their own right. For me I want games to be visually consistent. As long as their internally consistent I’m perfectly happy.

Second is Controls. This is important. Even the most beautiful game is pointless if the controls don’t work. This rating will only really get a 100 if the controls are so perfect that I forget they exist. If a game has me scrambling to find buttons too often it’ll be closer to a 50. I won’t rate anything under 50 unless the controls hinder the experience.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward. Was it fun or was it not fun? If it was fun, even a frustrating kind of fun, I’ll rate it well. Obviously a game that absolutely floors me is going to get much closer to a 100 than a game that I need to find my own fun in. This will be relevant in today’s review.

Sounds is a rather vague way of judging the music and SFX of a game. Generally this is a place that I think games excel at. The audio teams for many games don’t get nearly enough credit for how awesome they do. Again this will be relevant today.

If a game has a story it’ll snag a score related to how much I liked the story. If the story is lacking it’ll be middle of the road and if the story is bad I’ll likely rate it below 50%. I’m a stickler for story which is kinda amusing given how poor my own are. We are all critics though. Now! Onto the review!


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Reviews: Eden of the East

Eden of the East has one of the best first episodes of any Anime I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The writing is absolutely perfect, the animation style is some of the best alongside greats like Miyazaki. The music and sound choices are all absolutely perfect and the dubbing, that thing that makes White Japan fans cringe, is so perfect it seems like it was meant to be. My experiences at the Anime Expo can be summed up in the sentence “It was entirely worth it to see the opening episode of this show.”

It is because of this first episode and indeed the first three to five that follow it that I find myself remembering why I don’t watch Anime. Let’s dive into the good, the unfortunate, and the nearly heartbreaking summary (light or void of spoilers) that is Eden of the East.

Did you see what he wrote?!

Did you see what he wrote?!

Whenever I’m overly critical of something it is specifically because I feel like it could have been something great. I see a passion just beneath the surface that nearly crushes my heart because I know that the hypothetical end product that may exist out there in the universe is forever out of my grasp. What I am left is what I actually got and it nearly brings me to tears (at an artistic level). To say that the art style in Eden of the East is good would be to do it a grave disservice. This might be some of the best animation I’ve seen in years and years. I was enraptured the very first minute I was watching. Their stylized introduction and outro, those first moments of dialogue, I was really genuinely shocked.

The story begins with a young japanese girl but the name of Saki Morimi standing outside the gates of the White House. The dialogue that follows is on point and I delighted in every syllable. A momentary misunderstanding with a coin toss, and the overreaction of American Police, leads her to meet the male lead Akira Takizawa in one of the most memorable ways I think I’ve ever experienced. I don’t want to spoil even a spec of it because I want you to feel what I felt. Every word between these two is just steeped in chemistry, maybe not (initially) romantic but its something sweet and it really captures a kind of interaction that I think we all pine for.

Both of these characters are charming to a fault. The last time I was this unendingly attached to a character it was Goku from the original series of Dragon Ball (take from that what you will, I really love his innocence and relentless compassion). If you were only going to watch a single episode of anything this year for any reason I would recommend the first episode of this Anime over literally anything else.

The story picks up at a snails pace over the next few episodes and its some of the best pacing I’ve seen in anime in a long time. But in the back of my mind I was deeply worried because I knew that the series was only 12 (11?) episodes long with two movies (one of which I haven’t seen). I knew, without question, that my honeymoon with this anime was about to be crushed and crushed brutally.

BAW! You know I didn't mean it you cute little bastard. Come here.

BAW! You know I didn’t mean it you cute little bastard. Come here.

This shows weakness is that it is too good. That might sound moronic but when you consider that they build up one of the most interesting and dynamic plots and then try to resolve it in less time than it takes a Transformers movie to do nothing it hits you hard. Imagine falling, now imagine falling from space. Sure we find ourselves disappointed with things all the time but it hurts so much more when you are built up first. I could have watched this show for years, it deserved to be seasons and seasons long. The writing of (most) of the characters was stellar but you could see that they just didn’t have the time. Liz tells me that this is a product of the modern anime world, shows only go one season and companies want to pump out new IPs like money addicts because they need to maximize profits and minimize risk with contracts that run too long or potential dud follow up seasons.

This is the anime version of Firefly. It’s one of the most powerful single seasons in its genres history and its utterly murdered by the terrible decisions of the publishers/investors. This show has 12 (well I suppose 11) genuine mysteries that it wants to unravel and it has that many episodes. This means that if we’ve hit the 5th episode and its only then beginning to answer them that we’ll have a huge amount of information and plot to cover in the blink of an eye. It’s incredibly painful to watch and I sometimes wondered if the writer felt betrayed by being driven to do this.

I’m sure I’m projecting but I just can’t see the same person who wrote those first few episodes being ok with the last few. You don’t start with something that fantastic and then rush to the end like you are Usain Bolt. If you are brewing the perfect tea you want to make sure you let it steep long enough to get the flavors going but not long enough to make the tea bitter. The bag barely stained the water by the time East of Eden was over.



And the parallels with Firefly don’t stop there. The first movie that follows this basically says “fuck it” and is only loosely tied to the end of the season. There is a large gap of time between the two (sound familiar?) and it manages to close up so many things that there is no chance of the show being continued. They take all the mysteries that hadn’t even been hinted to yet, present them to us, and them kill the fuckers with high explosives all in the amount of time it takes you to finish a butterfinger. Well, maybe two butterfingers.

It’s absolutely agonizing because I was certain that this was going to be one of the best experiences of my anime watching life. It was set up so damn well and I even told Liz that it seemed unlikely that it would anime me. But it did…it anime’d me hard. It reminded me why I don’t trust anime anymore. Because they start great and then they devolve into weak plotted madness. I can only be stung so many times before I shut off completely. Fushigi Yugi I think was what killed anime for me almost entirely and for a moment Kill La Kill gave me hope. Eden of the East gets me scared to ever trust anime again.

Not because it disappointed me, that happens because we can easily raise our expectations too high. But because it gave me the world and then the moment I was holding that world in my hands, feeling the warmth of its life and beauty, it then grabbed my hands and crushed it within them. The shards and seas fell southward into the darkness of the void never to return.

Eden of the East (which I keep trying to call East of Eden) is a heartbreaker. If we could go back in time and act like it hadn’t happened yet, get them proper funding for 2 to 3 seasons, it would (without question) be one of the greatest achievements in anime history. But that’s likely never going to happen and maybe that spark is already lost. What we have instead is something that’s ok, but its ok in a way that makes me hesitant to suggest the entire thing. This anime took me from genuine vile disgust of a character to actually liking her in two episodes. Then it pushed her aside for expediency, brought her back in the movie, and (effectively) killed her off. Playing with someone’s emotions that hard and for all the wrong reasons is totally fucked.

Still, you owe it to yourself to watch the first episode or three. But just know that once it picks up you are setting yourself up for disappointment potentially. Because what it could have been and what it hints that it will be in the beginning is basically torn apart before your eyes.

Damn shame, I genuinely want to love it. I haven’t been so moved by media in such a short time in a long time. If I met the author (and artists) I’d ask them to sign all the things and thank them sincerely for that moment they gave me. If I were a rich man they’d be seeing a lot of my money I think. Just to do it again, proper.



*On basically every level its far better than “average/ok” but these ratings also come from how it left me feeling after the fact. This one was a heartbreaker of the greatest level.

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Reviews: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Well isn’t this a blast from the past! In an effort to clear out my old catalog I started and finished Uncharted 3 yesterday. This review will be somewhat light on the pictures seeing as there is basically nothing I could show that wouldn’t be a spoiler of epic proportions. However I managed to find two images that we can use, one is on the cover of the box and another is of some magic spiders that I’ll be discussing a bit. The spoilers I will be providing here are actually just to tell you what won’t be answered in the game. That is to say I’m helping you not get your hopes up. Otherwise the story will remain mostly an enigma for you after you finish reading the review.

This is a fairly old game at this point. It came out in November of 2011 and I’m sure most people have played it. But I hadn’t yet and now is better than never. The visuals of Uncharted 3 hold up today, the levels were gorgeous, the cut scenes were engaging, and I never found myself groaning at poor artistic decisions. Really this was the main reason that I played Uncharted 3 and probably the only reason I finished it. Every new locale was wonderful and I wanted to explore every little crevice of them, I wasn’t allowed to, but I wanted to.

Sully is a treat and the banter between him and Nathan is something that has yet to get old. These are characters that personally I find enjoyable and while they might not be the broken husks that we generally consider “interesting” I find their generic humor and quirks to be enough to keep me engaged. I’m also somewhat fond of “Cutter” even if he had some incredibly unbelievable scenes, not in the good way either.

The sound design is just as good as the visuals and I don’t know what to say about it beyond that. It’s not memorable but it is enjoyable. The action scenes, like the airplane scene that was revealed on all the box art was titillating and I enjoyed it a great deal. Even if it begins with one of my least favorite parts about this game: The QTE bad guy. In this game there is a lumbering bald oaf that you must fight what feels like thousands of times and each time it is exactly the same, a QTE event at the worst possible time that isn’t fun in any way. It was designed by someone who thought they knew what fun was but they missed it by a mile.

He’s terrible, always looks the same, and I hated every second he was in the game. They reskin him a couple times near the end but he’s just as terrible. Then you’ve got the “shotgun helmet” guys that are impervious to anything short of cannon fire unless you shoot them in the face with a high powered weapon or shove a couple grenades a foot up their asses. Liz watched as I unloaded an entire clip from a rifle into the face of one of these guys and they didn’t die. I get it…he’s wearing a helmet…I don’t care. That’s not how helmets work.

The normal villains aren’t as obnoxious but they run at the same speed that Drake turns his gun. This means that if you are aiming at them and they start running you’ll be reenacting that scene from every action movie ever…over…and over…and over. You shoot a trail behind them and they outrun it. I’m sure there are sensitivity options to fix this but the default shouldn’t be this, this is literally the only game I’ve ever played that does this.

The bosses are terrible. There is a scene on a boat where you fight a guy that is literally invulnerable to anything but a grenade launcher that gets dropped after a certain amount of time running from him. He’s wearing what looks like a hockey outfit and a welding mask, this doesn’t turn him into superman. If we put that outfit on literally anyone on the planet and I unloaded an AK-47 into their face they would die. Their head would be turned to dust. This was ridiculous and neither Liz nor I found it interesting. This seems to be the games idea of challenging, sponges everywhere. Instead of designing interesting or engaging villains they just took piss poor AI and strapped a million life points onto it.

I headshot my way through most of the game but it still wasn’t fun. Every new zone was less fun than the last because they’d up the sponge factor of all the enemies or add in some new even spongier villain.

Speaking of villains what the hell is up with the villains? There is a magical white guy in this game that acts like Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die. If not Samedi then certainly Scarecrow from Batman. He’s a god damn genie through the entire game and you think it’ll explain to you why by the end. But it doesn’t. You might think you have an answer to this and you might be saying it as you read this line but keep in mind that the “trick” he was using would only explain 1 out of the 4 people who witnessed him doing magic shit. It also doesn’t explain the end of the game either. When you get to the rock surfing you’ll probably see what I mean, presuming you ever finish this game.

The combat is so bad and the villains so poor that it really becomes a chore to finish the game. The game isn’t hard, not by any means, its just badly designed. There are sections where you will literally enter a checkpoint with about 2 seconds to hide before you instantly die. 2 seconds might be a bit of an understatement, at least once I was instantly grey the second the game finished loading. This is terrible and any game trying to tout itself as professionally made should not have this kind of bad presentation and balancing.

I’d also like to know why Nathan and Sully are apparently idiots. You kill dozens of people and know full well that an army of death is above you, yet you wander around laughing like fools and not checking your six? Really? Do any of the “aw shit, surprise” moments make sense? If either of these guys has seen a single movie they’d know that they were fucking up because they fall for the same cliches that have been in cinematography for a century. I found myself groaning over, and over, and over, as the characters acted entirely unbelievable. Why the hell is that guy taking that thing? Why is that dude walking with that guy? Sully you’d never do that!


Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders?!

Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders?!

I found myself shouting or saying things like that throughout the game. It’s like they designed the characters to act weird whenever it conveniences them. When the game starts I thought I was in for a treat with the writing but as it goes along it just becomes insufferably bad. There’s no weight to anything, nothing comes together and nothing is resolved. You know how people found out the answer to the spiders? By interviews with the team after the game was released. If you are introducing weird shit you should at least explain it in canon.

The treasure really seems to personify the writing. These weird vapid little things that seem to exist only because “they are supposed to”. They have no weight to them, nothing about them excites me as I collect them. I don’t see them up in some kind of imagined collection of the future nor do I hear Nathan quipping about how he’s about to be rich. Just little shimmering spots on the ground that are sometimes in inconvenient locations, exciting.

But with all this rambling that isn’t to say this game is bad. It’s not, its alright, it’s OK. I’d probably never play it again but I don’t hate it. It’s a good idea that is just handled poorly in the writing and the game design. Underneath there is some kind of gem just waiting to be discovered. Maybe Uncharted 4 will be that gem? All I know is that it’d have to try to play worse than this game does.

    What I liked.

  • Stunning visuals.
  • Lovely sound design.
  • Sully is still a treat to me.
  • Some memorable action scenes.
    What I disliked.

  • First half of the game is fun, last half is terribly balanced and not fun to play.
  • Treasure just doesn’t have any weight, I collect it for achievements but it is otherwise not really interesting.
  • The QTE baddie always looks the same and fighting him is about as fun as punching myself in the balls.
  • Shotgun helmet guy and various boss characters are all incredibly stupid.
  • The writing starts out good and devolves into terrible.


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Reviews: Injustice: Gods Among Us ~ Ultimate Edition

Injustice is another one of those games that I can’t really put my finger on. As I do more of these reviews I’m trying to find the system that I like best for detailing what the games did well and not so well. With that in mind lets experiment with Injustice. I’m going to create a bullet point list of what I like and don’t like and then extrapolate on that. Maybe throw in some fun pictures which may or may not be relevant.

Starting with what I liked because positivity is the name of the game. I missed this game when it first came around. Because of the nature of DLC I’ve stopped really buying games when they first release unless they are Nintendo games. Everyone seems to be really big on milking their customers for every cent. I’ve written before why this is a bad thing for everyone, not just people who don’t like DLC, but I think these days I could articulate it better. So, I suppose, look forward to that sometime this coming month.

At any rate, I picked up the Ultimate Edition for $7.50 on Steam a couple weeks ago and gave it a run. At this price I think the game is something of a steal when you consider the breadth of content in it. However the one major negative I have topping my “What I didn’t like” bullets is so incredibly bad that it forces me not to suggest this game to you. That said, we’ll come back to that.

The collection of heroes in this game was rather startling and welcome. There are 24 characters to choose from with the Ultimate Edition and each one feels unique and their general powersets translate fairly well into this game. Ironically my worst character was Superman, but even he felt a lot like I’d expect from the most overpowered character in comic book history [I’m convinced at this point that if he ever fought the DC god, he’d win].

Superman smashing someone out into space. It's cool, they'll be fine.

Superman smashing Aquaman out into space. It’s cool, they’ll be fine.

When the characters work they do so in a way that really captures your attention. And its not just in the fighting either. The single player story is really engaging and I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Without spoiling anything beyond the first couple of minutes, Superman snaps and its up to the entire DC universe (well ok, 23 other people or so) to find a way to stop him. It has twists, turns, some really bad writing, and some really fun writing. If nothing else I’d say that the 7.50 you are paying for this game is going towards the storyline.

The graphics were pretty good to me too. I enjoyed watching the story scenes play out, enjoyed the combat, and enjoyed the supers. The game did have some weird transitions where the more polished content clashed with the less polished content but overall it was still quite an attractive game. Each time I unleashed a super (or experienced a clash) the visuals and audio were, as a friend would put it, “super rad”.

Overkill isn't in the Joker's vocabulary. Kill though, its up there.

Overkill isn’t in the Joker’s vocabulary. Kill though, its up there.

Not much else can be said about a fighting game without padding. Except for a single line I wish I could put here. I’m confused with my first and most stark complaint about this game. The confusion lies in Netherrealms having made Mortal Kombat 9, a game I felt had solid controls and pretty good balancing. The controls in Injustice are piss poor. I thought it was just me but when I googled around for a fix I found a lot of other people having the same problems with the PC release. I was using a 360 controller and often I found myself jumping back when I pressed forward, or unleashing a fireball when trying to duck.

It makes it so that most of my deaths were be because the controls were ignoring me and not because I’m screwing up myself. That stopped me from playing the game more than the single player story. I just can’t stomach bad controls.

They are so bad I can’t recommend you ever buy this game. At least not for PC, I can’t speak for the controls on consoles. They MUST be better, there is no way this would have gotten passed QA. I’ve tested the controller with a few other games (like Rogue Legacy) and it doesn’t appear to be broken. Why it doesn’t work here is beyond me.

My only other problem was inconsistencies with the actions of characters. The “normal” superman has a minigame where he murders motorists, and the “evil” superman (this isn’t spoiling anything, I promise), also acts beyond belief for me. Superman is a lot like Captain America in his personality. What Superman does in this is beyond belief in the furthest stretches of my imagination. I know why they did it, its because anybody fighting Superman will lose and making him the Villain makes it interesting.

For when simply saying "Fuck off." isn't enough. The Autogram.

For when simply saying “Fuck off.” isn’t enough. The Autogram.

But if they were going to have him as the enemy and have you fighting him with regular folks (Green Arrow, for instance), then they could have made the Villain ANYONE and had Superman included. He wasn’t the biggest problem I had, either. What the fuck was up with Wonder Woman? The entire time she is on screen in the single player campaign she’s getting gimped by someone. She’s one of the strongest people in the entire DC cannon and something like 12 different villains and heroes all beat the fuck out of her. It seems like the only thing she’s good at doing in this game is being fodder for other characters to save.

That. Makes. No. Sense. Seriously, she’s retarded powerful. This is like taking Hercules and having him lose an arm wrestling match to Weeman. It threw me out of the story so much that I almost didn’t enjoy myself at times. You could have added any of a number of other female characters if you wanted a damsel in distress…but really…Wonder Woman? This makes me wonder what they’ll do with the upcoming film that she’s in. If she does anything less than throw tanks at people for laughs I’m going to be annoyed.

There is no excuse, she’s the daughter of Zeus for fuck sake. I’m pretty sure Jesus would clean up house in a fighting game, Wonder Woman should as well.

What I liked.

  • The collection of Super Heroes was really diverse!
  • The single player story was quite long and very movie like.
  • The graphics really captured my attention.
  • Aquaman was a badass all around.
    What I didn’t like.

  • The controls were really wonky with a gamepad.
  • “Normal” Superman and “Evil” Superman both acted evil and out of character.
  • Wonder Woman looked real friggin weird and was a damsel in distress the entire time.
In an alternate reality Lex Luthor supplies GDI with their super weapon technology.

In an alternate reality Lex Luthor supplies GDI with their super weapon technology.

Overall its a really lovely looking and sounding game that I want to play wrapped up in a control scheme that makes it almost impossible to enjoy. I’m going to give this game an OK only because at the price and the quality of the single player I actually did have an OK time. I just wish I could have had a good or great time.

OK Things

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