Cats and Entropy

//Cats and Entropy

Cats and Entropy

Today one of our kittens was climbing on the fridge and misjudged the distance she had to place her feet. A moment later I saw her hanging from the fridge door and I saved her with great haste. She was somewhat startled but otherwise ok. Our cats are strange little creatures, I love them both and every little annoyance they bestow upon me is met with lots of belly rubs [which does little to dissuade them from repeating the acts]. Of the various pets you could have in your home there is something very interesting, even peculiar, about cats. They seem absolutely determined to put all objects at their lowest energy state.

If you leave things up on a table they’ll push it off onto the floor. Once the items are on the floor they’ll begin pushing them around and disorganizing them. It is as if cats are addicted to entropy. They’ll unravel your clothing with precision tugs of their claws and unwind the fabric of your couch. They’ll sit on the keys of your keyboard completely obliterating any message you had carefully constructed. Their butts magically pushing the perfect button combination to wipe the system32 folder from your drive. Cats will even run in front of you as you approach stairs to help place your bones in disorder. Cats spend most of the time they aren’t sleeping undoing everything that has been done.

I don’t know why, I’m not sure what fascinates them so much about watching things fall. Then again I love watching things fall as well. Maybe cats are all little newtons that are lifelong experimenters? They keep dropping objects of different sizes to test the hypothesis that all things fall at the same rate. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that cats are these nefarious geniuses, given that they have me cleaning up their poop.

While it is all but certain that cats are not an alien species that has taken to domesticating humans, I still can’t help but wonder it some times. When they look at me with those big round eyes, those precious little faces, and then proceed to push my 3DS off the table.

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