CPUs and DNAs

//CPUs and DNAs

CPUs and DNAs

  There will come a point in human history, likely within our own lifetimes, where we will create life from nothing. Well not nothing in the literal sense, there will be a concoction that gets used. But we will take nonliving ingredients and mix them to create life.

  I wonder if that process will take off like the current Silicon Era has, will we see exponential growth of our understanding of biology after that first step? Could we, perchance, create organic structures? I don’t wish to spoil the upcoming chapters of “Lost in a Sea” but this is something that fascinates me.

  Mold and Fungus, Trees and Grass, plant based life of all kinds have these intricate and beautiful frameworks. Networks of tendrils that collectively create very strong networks given their density. Animals create amazing organic compounds like spider-silk.

  Meta-Organic structures could potentially heal the wounds of time. Replacing chipped flooring or walls with new fill. How humorous would it be if we designed these things and they ended up outliving us, nuclear war wiping humanity from the pages of time, yet our living homes carrying on for centuries or more.

Roof of Grass

  Would it be possible to grow a house? You build the structure of the house into the DNA like a human blueprint, instead of a child you are left with a home. The home takes in sunlight and stores the energy for use all around the home.

  Will we develop organs that are much more efficient and resilient than our own natural ones. Your kidneys fail and you get a pair of enhanced ones to help you carry on for longer.

  Now admittedly this isn’t all fun and games, I’m sure there will be birthing pangs, the organic equivalents of CISPA or metering. It would be nice if by the time this knowledge is discovered that we would have also overcome the ancient foolishness that continues on with humanity like an immortal virus.

  Self replicating machinery is a tricky thing, we don’t have the full control that we so lavishly enjoy with the Silicon era, as any popular magazine or megamall will tell you, self replication continues on no matter how poor the mind of the maker. Certainly wouldn’t want a house to evolve to lure, stun, and dissolve animals, that would be highly unfortunate and I-for one-do not wish to be eaten by a home.

  Which reminds me…I never saw that movie.

The Monster House

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