Day 2 ~ The Pitch

//Day 2 ~ The Pitch

Day 2 ~ The Pitch

  Today, and likely tomorrow, my major project has been the “pitch” for my book. This is proving to be incredibly challenging for me and somewhat stressful. Luckily the feedback I’ve gotten from the helpers over at Amazon has been informative and I understand what I am missing. It will be my job in the next 24 hours to try and work that feedback into what I have and remain beneath 300 words.

  In related news I’m reading the Hobbit and I must say that it is difficult for me to express just how elegantly that man handles words. Each paragraph is a breath of fresh air, his descriptions are vivid, the conversations vibrant, and by the end of it I feel a bit exhausted.

  I find solace in his foreword that mentions that he wrote these books not for others but for his own amusement. Because this is, in many ways, the fear I have. I write to satisfy myself, to see the world of my mind living in some fashion.

  I wouldn’t put myself in his shoes, that is writing that I could only hope to achieve after many years of practice. But it is nice to know that even someone as great as him set out not to make a masterpiece, but instead to satisfy themselves.

  Time for a good rest, hopefully tomorrow will breed more good luck. I hope the 10,000 entries does not hit too soon before the due date. I would like to enter.


This was the entire day for me while trying to write. Both cats wanted to play from the break of dawn till the setting of the sun.

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