Dentistry and Office Dreams

//Dentistry and Office Dreams

Dentistry and Office Dreams

  Well in the last 2 days I’ve worked 21 hours straight. Admittedly part of those 21 hours were attempting to rest in office while my wife’s maintenance finished up, since mine was done sooner, but it still was a great distance away from my comfortable bed and actual fresh air.

  Following that long period of work I had a dental appointment today. I must say that I actually enjoyed that, my old dentist was terrible, finding cavities at every turn and drilling out half my skull. Each time the quest was the same “Does this hurt?” I would say no and he would remove half my tooth and replace it with metal and sure enough it hurt after.

  But my new dentist is careful, caring, consistent. Correctly berates me for not flossing but otherwise takes fantastic care of me. Where once I walked from the dentist office with sore jaw and months of eating on the opposite side of my mouth I now leave with a mouth that feels like diamonds. Comfortable, clean, and happy.

  The worst part about today’s checkup was realizing my dentist has better memory than I do. “Did you buy that waterpik yet?” “Holy cow…I forgot I said I had planned to. It totally slipped my mind, but no big, not like I told you 6 months ago and you actually remember.”

  Do they take notes? Possibly, wouldn’t surprise me, but that’s not necessarily cheating. I should learn to do the same.

  So yes, that’s all I’ve got today. I think soon we’ll talk in depth about lensmoor, I might want to try and revive the population in that game.

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