Disgaea D2 and Video Game Potpourri

//Disgaea D2 and Video Game Potpourri

Disgaea D2 and Video Game Potpourri

  My feelings thus far on Disgaea D2 is that it is simply amazing. One of the best sequels to have ever been made. Once I’m finished we’ll see if I still feel that way [I probably will]. Speaking of sequels this is the last day that I won’t have Pokémon X & Y, which is increasingly exciting. I’m told that it is a sparkly update and I’m excited to hear they didn’t break anything from the formula.

  Tomorrow morning before I start up Disgaea (and hopefully before Pokémon gets here) I’ll be writing the first part of the story. I have the entire thing ready in my brain and I’m probably going to make it the update for Saturday. A nice little sneak peak of what is coming in October.

  I’m also playing Super Mario Bros: Dream Team and its quite good. The game goes into a bit of depth behind the characters of Luigi and Bowser. Maybe more but that’s only as far as I’ve gotten now. Once I finish it I’ll write a review and go into more detail.

  Not much else to add. Lots of things on the plate and I think this month will be quite alright.

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