Double Jet Lagon

//Double Jet Lagon

Double Jet Lagon

  I went to bed last night thinking things were going well and then I found myself waking up at 1AM. Oh dear, I thought, this is quite unfortunate. Over the day my brain has melted more and more, each hour adding up to some crazed sum.

  So I’m going to go sleep again before my eyes jump out of my own head. I don’t want you to miss out on your visit though. You came here expecting some awesome story and here I am being all lame on you. So I’ve got a picture.

I'm just being a bird.HEY! I'm a bird!

  I really like birds, I am not certain what kind of bird this is (care to find out?) but it seemed to like having its picture taken. You’ll be seeing a nice amount of birds in the coming weeks. So long for now.

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