Early Thoughts on The Last of Us Remastered

//Early Thoughts on The Last of Us Remastered

Early Thoughts on The Last of Us Remastered

Wow, I don’t know what to say so far. The Last of Us is thus far a very strange beast indeed. I can’t exactly say I’m having fun but I really want to. Like its this strange experience that I can’t turn away from when I play it. I find myself quickly and deeply invested in these characters and everything that happens. It’s peculiar especially because I must balance my feelings with the likelihood that anyone not on the cover of a game called “The Last of Us” is going to actually make it to the end credits.


I never got to see the original game but one of my colleagues tells me that this looks amazing by comparison. He also says that the original already looked amazing. Given that his job is making things look amazing I take his opinion very seriously. The lighting is something to behold. He pointed out to me that when light hits a yellow sign it’ll leave a yellowish orange silhouette on the nearby walls. That’s an amazing touch that I think most people would miss. It’s an attention to detail that you can’t help but feel enveloped by as the game moves on.

Shh, No Tears. Only Dreams Now

Shh, No Tears. Only Dreams Now

Aiming and survival are both quite difficult in this game. Ammunition is limited, the enemies can easily kill you in a single melee range attack (depending on the enemy), and aiming sways with your breaths and movement. It all combines together to create this complete and intense package that really demands a lot of you. And all of this is just the normal difficulty. There are still 3 or 4 higher difficulties above that. I’m tempted to try them after I beat the game once.

If I can handle the heartbreak a second time, that is. I’m reminded of that scene from I am Legend. This game is a bit like that but it never stops.

[Arguably one of the best acting scenes in all of cinema. Watch it on DVD or Bluray and check out Will Smith’s face and listen to his voice. It’s incredible. This film didn’t deserve that performance.]

You might be thinking about that other scene but no. We don’t talk about that. Some wounds go too deep.

I can’t recommend this game enough as it stands. Even if it turns to shit for the rest of my play time. The feelings its pushed on my lap so far have been pretty intense and I’m absolutely delighted. This might be some of the best writing in video games that I’ve seen in quite a long time.

Is...is that a fucking T-Rex?

Is…is that a fucking T-Rex?

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