Early Thoughts on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

//Early Thoughts on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Early Thoughts on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Good lord does this game have the longest name I’ve seen in a while. I had somewhat forgotten that I preordered the collectors edition of this game many moons ago. It showed up in the mail with a rather ambiguous sounding sender. I thought to myself “I don’t recall ordering anything promiscuous.” As that is the cliched trait of those services (to such a point that I feel like getting a brown box from an ambiguous sounding sender is telling the shipper and your neighbors all they need to know, better than dongs on the side I suppose).

I’ve put about an hour and a half into it so far. Managed to get mostly S ranks at a minimum and SSS ranks on a few choice sections. I really enjoy rhythm games. They’ve been “my jam” since High School and to see one done well in this day and age is a delightful surprise. I’m reminded of Crypt of the NecroDancer which I don’t yet own but would really like to. I put many many hours into Dance Dance Revolution and money permitting I’ll be getting into that habit again early next year (at the latest).

The music that I’ve sampled so far in TFF:CC is fantastic. I’m reminded of why I love to have the music on high when playing Final Fantasy games. Nobuo Uematsu is one of my favorite composers and he has an amazing mustache to boot.

I will compose for you.

I will compose for you.


The battle music for nearly every installment of the series is iconic and once you hear the first few jingles you’ll find yourself reliving experiences that have long since passed. There is a metric ton of content in this game (or so it appears). You unlock a lot of characters, collect items (that seem kinda lame so far), put in passwords, play VS, Arcade, or Quest Modes, unlock more music, unlock SFX for when you are playing the game, and more.

That’s surprising to me and so far my only qualm with the game is rarely miniscule. Basically I’d have loved to have seen the passion that appears to be put into the entire rest of this game put forth into even a campy storyline. The idea of dancing my way across the planet to stop some kind of groovemeister would have been icing on the cake. It isn’t enough for me to dislike the game though. I have a strong feeling once I get further along (and possibly unlock all the trophies) I will be writing a generous review for this title. I don’t recall how much I paid for it but it is certainly a pleasant surprise.

On an entirely unrelated note. I’ve gotten to the point in Prison Architect where I’ve given all my guards tasers. If the sounds are on it sounds a bit like moth mating season in an area that is heavy on bug zappers. Little flashes of white light fly across the screen as my 75 guards ruthlessly taser every one of the 164 remaining inmates for seemingly any reason. The rest of the guards moan “Boo!” only to find themselves at the other end of a brutal tasering.

The prisoners keep asking and I’m not sure if my little guards are giving them an answer. On the other end of things 21 of the 158 prisoners say they are being treated well. That’s a 13.2% success rate! Not bad!

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