Editing, Time, and Exhaustion.

//Editing, Time, and Exhaustion.

Editing, Time, and Exhaustion.

  I’ve got a lot of things to do. I spent today going over a story I wrote in college that seemed fairly popular. After some editing I’ve submitted it to Amazon and if they accept it I’ll link to it tomorrow on here. If they don’t accept it I’ll raise a fit but I doubt that’ll change much of anything.

  I still want to make my little office simulator next for gaming but I was thinking a bit earlier today. I’ve wanted to build a card game for a long time. I occasionally draw it out and there are sketches around our house. I realized that with a little bit more learning I could make a functional card game digitally.

  It’s an exciting notion. But I must admit that I am burdened by an over active imagination or more reasonably burdened by a lack of time. The life of an adult (at least one that isn’t wealthy) is one of never ending work. Even when you aren’t working that work sticks with you in your mind and it hampers your desire to be and to create.

  I’m trying to overcome it but I do feel that lately my work has been trying harder to bring me down.

  It’s late. Editing that story took hours. You wouldn’t think something like 15 pages would take so long to edit but it did. There is an essence that has to be fully appreciated in things of brevity at least a few times in life. The briefest of moments are often the ones with the most importance in our lives. My fall from the tree house, the end of a relationship, a car accident, a child being born. All those things are so fast. Some faster than others. But they impact our lives forever.

  I watched a video recently on the notion of infinity and the idea of an infinitely large hotel. I wanted to talk about it tonight but because its so late I think we’ll hold it off until tomorrow. It’s considered a paradox but I personally believe it is actually just an error in approach. Luckily I wrote down my thoughts on a note so that I won’t forget this time like I so often do.


What was I going to say?!

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