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Employee Healthcare

  This is something I’ve thought about a bit and I’ll admit I haven’t had the time or a strong notion of where to look in terms of gathering hard data. So the following is going to be largely just some guessing I have that relates to why employers provide healthcare in America.

  So my theory on why companies provide healthcare is the same as my theory on why college loans were handled by corporate banks instead of by the government. It sounds a bit conspiratorial so if you read this and think I’m retarded at the end I won’t argue with you.

  I believe the underlying reasoning is because of an added level of control. When you control the healthcare at the business level you give employers an amazing amount of leverage over their employees. This lessens the chances of dissidence, gives them more power during negotiations and overall creates a phenomenal amount of biased decision making.

  Healthcare is so expensive in the US that it is almost impossible to get sick without being employed with a business that provides healthcare. This means once you have that job you’ll eat as much dirt as is necessary to keep your job which by proxy could very well keep you alive.

  Student loans seem to be on the same track. If a bank owns student loan debt they will give any amount kids ask for, tis is because their goal is to maximize profit not the welfare of the customer. This is also why student loans have such strict laws on bankruptcy and other alternatives, the rate of bankruptcy from student loans was freakishly low but the law was pushed because banks wanted to maximize profits.

  So now you have a system where colleges begin to charge more because banks will give out a loan no matter how large. This creates a system where book manufacturers and other college businesses will charge top dollar because the colleges will just raise tuition. Eventually the college is paying extreme premiums on all items and they state that the reason tuition is so high is because they must pay so much for books etc. However they created the environment that now preys on them and they, in turn, prey on the students who go to their college.

  Now college is not likely to get you a job that will pay off your loans anymore, you will but it will take a phenomenal amount of time. This means that any job you get will have a remarkable level of control. Losing the job means going into unstoppable debt from student loans and losing your healthcare.

  I’m not certain by any means but I would be utterly shocked if the lobbyists for student loans being controlled (at 0% interest) by banks were not also connected with major nationwide businesses. These systems interconnect so well that it seems highly unlikely that they only benefit by coincidence.

  It’s certainly not because of profits. It would be phenomenally cheaper for businesses if the government handled all healthcare, however they would lose a godlike amount of control over their employees, and I suspect control over employees saves a considerable amount more money than the occasional insurance premium bill.

  So yeah, those are my 2 cents, conspiratorial and potentially wrong but cents nonetheless.

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