End of the Week & One Free Destiny Beta Key Left!

Welp! I’ve got one more key left on this contest. Click that link to go give it a gander and enter. Totally free, you just need to have a fun image from a game to amuse me :o! Worst case scenario the key goes unused and I’m not overly hurt by that prospect.

Not much else to add for today other than Divinity: Original Sin is really just the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t help but love the game. I want to get more into crafting in it and using the homestead (you get it near the very beginning of the game so this isn’t much of a spoiler if at all). I really enjoy the jack-o-lantern head for sure. Otherwise time for me to get some rest because another long and busy week is ahead of me! Thus far I haven’t regretted giving up the social side of the internet. It has given me more time to update here, read books, and play games. I finished my monthly comic delivery in two days, normally it takes me a month. Very satisfying.

PS. This is the screenshot that won the first beta key. Gave me a good chuckle.

Never the wrong time to love someone.

PPS. Nearly at 30,000 visitors! Very exciting, may need to do something to celebrate that.