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//Entertainment and Achievements

Entertainment and Achievements


My first major achievement of 2013.

  Just what do we consider true genuine achievements? Today I decided before the end of the day I would master all the Pandaren Cooking Schools. I have some level of wealth in the game (or did, a bit poor now) and I was able to put the power behind that money to accomplish something in a day that you normally would do across a month or two.

  But is that truly an accomplishment? One might not that World of Warcraft will not be around forever, that the entropy of entertainment moves at a much more hurried speed than the natural entropy of our universe. That universal entropy links all things though, if this achievement is without value then what achievements have value?

  The best guess I can form from this question is that the Achievements that last as long as we live are those that we are most likely to give value. When you accomplish something on a physical level, learn a new move, a new drawing trick, a new writing style, these things are given value because they will last as long as we do (or can) and thusly are only important for as long as we really care (seeing as we are dead once they stop being important to us).

  I don’t know if that’s the right option, or if a right option even exists. All I know is that I do find myself judging what I’m doing by the value I feel it brings to my life. Finishing a book, no matter how trivial, feels like a powerful accomplishment in my life. Finishing a page of writing, updating this website, or even doodling something utterly stupid ends up making me feel like I’ve taken a step. I don’t know how many other people out there look at their life as steps but I most certainly do. I see every accomplishment not as a hurdle I’ve overcome but as a step upwards towards some idealism that I can’t quite explain.

  I think the end goal is that I will create a version of myself that will find itself surrounded by an environment that my current self desires. For many people I imagine that surrounding is wealth and fame, power, something along those lines. Perhaps for others its just a room full of lusty people of their opposite gender or maybe towers of collectible figurines.

  I’m sure there is a unique environment each of us is striving for and that is probably where the value of achievements is truly set. The mistake is likely taking the idealism that others have and thinking that is more important than your own. That their belief in what is and what isn’t of value is what objectivity observes as well.

  That’s sad and I’m sure I’m one of the people who makes that mistake, maybe everyone does. I don’t really know. All I know is that I’m pretty pleased right now or at least as pleased as I can be these days. I made it through my first day, I still need to work out but I’ll do that after this post. Work begins again tomorrow and hopefully the cog work of that particular faction of my life will not utterly consume my emotions again.

  I’m going to start taking pictures every day of something. I didn’t come up with the idea, I’m very happily stealing it from a friend. I don’t know if I’ll post them every day or maybe just post a series of 7 on Sundays. Tonight I’ll take a picture of our new projector setup which I find utterly delightful. I bought it somewhat on a whim and from the first day we had it setup I’ve known it was a good decision, not necessarily an accomplishment, but a good decision.

  PhoenecianClass Escort

  Phoenecian Class Escape Ship – Playing around with the oil painting brush on Paintbrush with a mouse. I might do a shot from above since it’s a little ambiguous from the side. Perhaps drawing this stuff will make it easier to describe in text later. This is the ship the crew is riding in “Lost in a Sea of Stars” which I’ll update again this month (I honestly have a lot in mind for that story, I’ve just been in a rut).

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