Exercise and DOMS

//Exercise and DOMS

Exercise and DOMS

  I have a feeling this is going to be difficult. Our work requires us to be there until 7PM which means after the drive home and eating I am left with a couple of hours before I’m sleepy and frankly just wanting to sleep (or to be more honest play games till way too late).

  But that’s what these sort of challenges are for, seeing what a person can accomplish and doing our best to accomplish them. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Tomorrow is Thursday which I think I want to make Game Review Day. I’ll be reviewing Super Mario Bros Wii U, seeing as I finished it. I might have plenty to say, sure feels like it, but I suppose the jist is that it is a solid platformer that doesn’t really need Mario. It feels like they made the game first then just added in Mario assets to fill in the gray squares.

  That is for tomorrow though. Today I want to take a very, very, short moment to talk about DOMS. I did an 11 minute workout yesterday with a 10 lb kettle bell, honestly I only did about 8 minutes of it. I noticed shortly thereafter I couldn’t really walk anymore, and today my entire body is raw from shoulders to ankles. That might sound like a raw deal (heh) but I’m actually pretty pleased, that kind of intense workout in just 8 minutes is not something I’ve felt since I was in Tae Kwon Do. I’m going to try to up my calorie intake and my protein intake and see if that can offset the DOMS, I’m also told that repetition is king and that overtime doing the same routine will hurt less and you can in turn do it longer.

  I dunno, could be onto something. Also I have a LOT of video games and books to go through this year, I almost feel like I could not buy any more of either and have enough for my updates all year long (genuinely).

  Of course I will buy more stuff…always the consumer.


A happy little cloud and a happy little tree. Drawn with a Logitech Laptop Mouse. I’d be interested to see if my art skills improve over a year of doing this?

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