Faith, Fractions, and Fallacies

//Faith, Fractions, and Fallacies

Faith, Fractions, and Fallacies

  Tonight I’ll start the detailing of the plot. I have the beginning day and I now have the ending day. It is a matter of filling in the in between. But I can’t really show that here without spoiling what will happen! Instead lets take a look at a YouTube video that I think really explains life better than 42 ever did.

Well worth watching.

  It’s such a simple point. No matter your beliefs if they are strong enough they will impede your life. They used something as seemingly objective as mathematics to prove the point which I find most amusing. It reminds me of a quote:

Lies, damned lies, and statistics. – Mark Twain

  That isn’t to say that numbers are useless or that you can’t learn anything from them but more that you must want to learn from them. If you are looking for data to support your point your point will never be wrong, if you are looking for data on the topic of interest you are likely to find things a little less to your liking.

  Not much else to add. The video does most of the work and all I’ll be doing is diluting it.

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