Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, First Impressions (are everything)

//Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, First Impressions (are everything)

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, First Impressions (are everything)

  I finally got Blood Dragon to work and I played it for a bit tonight. Thus far I have mixed feelings about it. The developers seem aware of what does and does not make a good game and that is commendable. What is not commendable is that they know this and yet in the first 30 minutes of the game they do the exact opposite and then poke fun at you as if to say “Eh! Hah! We know this is bad!”


  There is a problem with this kind of humor and I think it comes from it almost never working. Self deprecating humor requires an incredible amount of skill and most people can’t pull it off. Many will try but most will fail. By the time I had hit this popup I was already at the end of my rope and then more came anyways.

  Tutorials are bad and should feel bad. Almost no game needs a tutorial in the game itself. Have it as a separate menu item where people can go train VR style like what was available in Metal Gear Solid. That game too had something of a tutorial in the game but it was very limited and unobtrusive.

  It’s a shame too that the beginning of this game is so poor. The visuals are in many ways stunning, I find myself looking with mouth agape at all sorts of wonderful hybrids of 80’s action films and futuristic neon dinosaurs.

  Additional misfortune comes from the introductory mission starting off amusing with a chaingun helicopter sequence (because that hasn’t been done in thirty to forty games in the last four years) but then immediately becomes an escort quest. Naturally I play all my games on the hardest difficulty and this meant that the escort had a sliver of life apparently.

  He would be at half life and then “Die”. I have yet to die but I’m pretty sure I will do so at half life. I’m planning to take this life to the very end of the bar personally.


  I’ll likely finish the game. I don’t know how long blood dragon is but I like to give games the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes I find myself hating a game in the beginning and then loving it by the end. But there is absolutely no chance I’ll be playing this game from the beginning. The tutorial humor fell completely flat and it bordered on infuriating. I feel bad for the writers of the bit because I’m sure they meant well.

  Frankly if the first thing I saw after the tutorial wasn’t one of the most genuinely badass monsters in recent times, I would have probably just quit the game.


  It also doesn’t help that the legitimate version of this game takes forever to load and the pirated version loads in a matter of seconds. It’s just further fuel for the fire I suppose.

  In unrelated news, My Pokémon tips post has become the most viewed post on my website. So I think in the coming week I’m going to collect my favorite tips and tricks for Pokémon and post them. Maybe over every day or just in one large post. We’ll see.

  That’s that, once the Starbound Patch is completely and characters are wiped I’ll be getting back into that. The game design there is considerably better than with Blood Dragon.

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