Final Day without Internet ~ Modern Console Thoughts

//Final Day without Internet ~ Modern Console Thoughts

Final Day without Internet ~ Modern Console Thoughts

  I find it awfully amusing that some companies believe that people will always have access to the internet. It was almost likely that we’d not have internet until sometime into December. If I had purchased an Xbox One (as it was originally proposed) I’d have a 400-500 dollar brick for nearly a month. That’s utterly ridiculous, I’m just pleased that no console I currently own requires the internet.

  You might think that my steam games would be crippled but the offline mode has never failed me. The vast majority of my PC games can be played offline. Of those that can’t one is Diablo 3 (strangely requires online access) and the other is World of Warcraft (an online game), at least speaking of games I actually play. It should never be assumed that people will have access to the internet. I do believe that companies that move towards that position do so from a privileged upbringing. It’s unfortunate to be certain.

  My last day before work has been fairly relaxing. It’s not perfect but I do think that that is not far off on the horizon. As I may have mentioned yesterday our back right car window broke the very day we moved in. This unfortunately is a cost we’ll have to address in the future but for now “duck” brand duct tape is working its magic to keep the window up. I am not fond of electronic windows. I’ve never seen a car with manual windows that failed and honestly in the future I might prefer a car with manual windows. Even if that manual option was just that, an option.

  NaNoWriMo is going to be tough but I still think I can make it. Copious use of dialogue should help keep me reaching closer to my goal. Without the internet I sadly lost my helpful website. The webpage for NNWM is incredibly motivating and I didn’t realize how much I was relying on it.

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