Foreshadowing is likely a reactive art.

//Foreshadowing is likely a reactive art.

Foreshadowing is likely a reactive art.

  Mentally I’m preparing myself for the second to last day of NaNoWriMo. I find it important to just kind of write for a bit and then eventually you get into a groove. But what to talk about? Naturally this post will be time traveling and a second post will be cropping up on here sometime today. Maybe we’ll talk about foreshadowing then? They are related after all.

  You might be thinking to yourself that this is nonsense, foreshadowing and time travel can’t possibly be related. Or wait maybe you think its obvious that they could be. Certainly when I write updates like these I occasionally argue with myself and realize that something I wrote earlier has motivated my position and that perhaps I didn’t actually believe what I thought I believed.

  So it is with writing. I would be very surprised if you’ve read anything you genuinely loved that didn’t have its great plot twist come out of some kind of revelation by the writer after the fact. Some are accidental and never noticed but I suspect that most come from people writing say five to ten chapters and then realizing there is a really cool pattern that they should extrapolate on.

  Breaking Bad (for instance) was written mostly on the fly. All those amazing foreshadowing bits that you’ve picked up on over the seasons were thought up after the fact. Somebody remembered that person A did action B in location C and how great it would be to reference it again. That doesn’t make it bad, life is just like that, but it does help shine some light on the reality of “well planned” creative works.

  So that’s that for now, I can’t recall if I’ve talked about nudity in a while so maybe the next update tonight will be about that. I keep recalling my one (and only) experience with a Japanese bath house and the fascinating impact it had on American psychology.

  Save that for later though.

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