Formulating the Perfect Commute ~ Santa Clarita to Glendale

//Formulating the Perfect Commute ~ Santa Clarita to Glendale

Formulating the Perfect Commute ~ Santa Clarita to Glendale

  This was a good week. I’m very tired but I’ve got 4 days now to enjoy life and recuperate. My goal this week was to figure out the drive to help reduce the number of lane switches and merging lanes that I’ll be dealing with. Just for fun I’ll tell you my drive in a nutshell. This is, as far as I can tell, the best way to drive from my home to work and back.

  Once you turn onto Highway 14 move all the way to the left (beside the carpool lane). Take this all the way onto I-5. Once on I-5 you will eventually pass a forced turnoff for Pasadena (it will be one lane to your right by this point). Take 2 shifts to the left. Stay on this path until about 2 miles from Highway 134. Shift a single lane to the right and turn off on 134. From there move to the far right and turn off. Congratulations you have made it to my work bypassing most turnoffs and all merging lanes.

  On they way home you turn onto Highway 134 and don’t move any lanes left or right. It will take you right onto I-5. Then you’ll want to move 2 to the left and stay with this until you reach the split between Sacramento and I-5 leading to Highway 15. That split will be hard to miss since there will be traffic for miles. Move two (or three) lanes to the right and take the I-5 until it breaks off to Highway 14. Then just move from the far right of 14 (which you are currently) to the far left and then exit to home.

  The latter is harder than the former because of construction that is causing extreme traffic for a single important section (Sacramento/I-5 bit). Regardless I did this today and my commute both to and from the LA area was relaxing. Long as dirt but relaxing. I may need to clean up my nightly commute to improve it but the morning one is perfect. You spend almost no time lane switching.

  Also always drive behind Semis, they drive at 55 MPH which will get you the maximum fuel economy and everyone else will avoid you like the plague meaning that you’ll never deal with people cutting you off or endangering you. Every other lane is pretty dangerous. This is why there are accidents on these roads all the time. Truckers know how to drive, they are probably the only people on the road with you that do. Enjoy their cushion of safety.

  That’s all for today!

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