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Forums and Retention

  I’ve been thinking, mostly today, about adding a forums back to the website. We get enough unique visitors a day that if one was captured out of every 10 then there would be a noticeably community in a short period of time.

  It’s a matter of retention, my updates aren’t nearly as frequent as I’d like them to be. Illness, stress, and just general forgetfulness leave this space with an emptiness that I don’t think is fair to it. Sure, in essence, it is merely another blip in the galaxy of the internet but it is my blip. Much like the Earth means so much to humanity (most of it) because it is our own blip, in the whole it is utterly inconsequential but for us it is incredibly important.

  So how do I want to modify my blip? That’s the topic of debate I’m on right now. Do I want to invest in a forums (I cannot stand PHPBB, perhaps because of my job), or do I want to invest in advertising? Which of these things will bring me the most bang for my buck? It’s an interesting point of discussion that I may bring up to the marketing manager at GC.

  Our Marketing Manager is one of those people who “gets it”. She explains topics succinctly and generally seems to know what the heck she is doing. It’s a rare trait that I admire professionally, it isn’t often I get to work with people that don’t make me want to just grab two beers and jump. I don’t drink, but I think you get my point.

  I love talking with people, it is something that fills me with a large amount of joy and helps me to better understand the human condition. I don’t enjoy talking with personas as much, if I want to see a falsity manifested I could do much better with a book. When I mention personas I’m generally talking about the negative ones, there are players in HIS that have very pleasant creative role-plays that keep me entertained and I appreciate them.

  So what I’m left with really is what will get me the highest retention. I would like the largest quantity of people I can to be centered here so that discussions can be fruitful and multiply (as they say), but I also don’t want to invest more than what is necessary because I am deeply entrenched in the quazi scam that is student loans.

  It’s a conundrum and one I hope to solve soon. Because I love working on forums, I love working with people (not so much personas), but I can’t stand working on forums that are run by a persona. So I think this would be a good project. I could perhaps even use a section of the forums for support. Let folks bring up issues and work out fixes for things in my free time, since it would be offsite it wouldn’t necessary be my job which would make it a little more entertaining (I know…weird mindset).

  Food for thought, we’ll see where this goes.

  Note: I’ll be consolidating tags in hopes of getting fewer, more relevant tags.

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