Game Project #2- The Hopper (Playable)

//Game Project #2- The Hopper (Playable)

Game Project #2- The Hopper (Playable)

It would appear that I’ve learned ActionScript. I wanted to have a relevant knowledge at my new job and noticed that Adobe AIR was fairly prominent. Naturally I sat down and started poking at it with a stick. This game is a fairly heavily modified (to the point where they don’t resemble one another at all in the src) version of the Platformer Tutorial for Flixel. I think over the next week I might discuss what I did to make this game and how the various parts work.

I don’t know about you but I was incredibly disappointed by the terrible quality of most online guides for Flash. It’s like people get paid to be obscure with their advice.

WASD to move around and SPACE to jump.

Give it a shot. It’s quite short and can be finished in under a minute. Take a screenshot if you are feeling saucy and post your results in the comments! I don’t expect anyone to actually do it, but the offer stands.

Note: The black bar to the right of the flash file is actually caused by WordPress. Its trying to fill in the entire width of a post.

The things that happen when you stop using Facebook…I tell ya.

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