General Fatigue and 3D Printing Contest

//General Fatigue and 3D Printing Contest

General Fatigue and 3D Printing Contest

  Fatigue is strange. Some days without reason I find myself incredibly exhausted. This isn’t to say I’m not enjoying my new life (I very much am) and its not a cry out for help or anything. I just find it really strange. There seems to be mostly no rhyme or reason to it and its been going on for years. Any time I go in for a checkup they say all my readings are normal.

  I’m guessing it has to do with circadian rhythms and this is why sometimes when I go to sleep later on accident I wake up feeling better than I do during normal sleep. I’ve been trying my best to make sure that I start having a regular sleeping schedule but it is different than the one I’ve had for years.

  There are other things I’d like to talk about but I’m going to let them stew. NaNoWriMo really fried my brain. I might make my updates short blurbs with gameplay videos this week. I got bombarded with a lot of new games and I’d like to give them a quick play and talk about them. Maybe start playing a new game a day for an hour and talk about it and what I like about it.

  Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I really like 3D Printers and I think you should to. So be sure to check out 3D Print My Gift by GE tomorrow! They aren’t paying me to say that but damn it sounds like an advertisement. I want the spy block or the pen holder. Although that spherical die (which sounds to be an awful lot like a ball) would be neat too.

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