Grand Theft Auto V, TMNT, and the so on.

//Grand Theft Auto V, TMNT, and the so on.

Grand Theft Auto V, TMNT, and the so on.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out next week. I’m fairly excited for it and am going to record the playthrough. The ideal setup will be separating the different missions and collectibles so that I can build a video game guide. It’ll be my first major video project.

No idea how it will go. On Destructoid they mentioned that the new map has been leaked and that it looks like Leonardo from TMNT. Thankfully there is a gif to help present the case.


It’s one of those things that once you see it you can’t unsee it. I’m pretty excited to prance about on a giant mutant turtle and crime it all up. These are my kind of games. The number of companies keeping their franchises conventional seems to be growing smaller and smaller. The F2P model is incredibly profitable and because of this everyone is shifting over. I find this unfortunate for a few reasons.

The first is the nature of F2P, most companies will use it as an excuse to sell a grossly unfinished game. The less finished the better because they can monetize more of the new content this way without the players having too high of expectations from the original product. Next you have the problem of F2P pricing being generated by the least connected employees in the company. These are usually people who do not play video games, do not live on a budget, and genuinely cannot make that mental connection.

Even the few F2P games I’ve liked I haven’t been able to invest in because they think $20 US is an acceptable cost for a single building roughly the size of a dime that doesn’t even function permanently. I just purchased Humble Bundle 9 for a fraction of that. Admittedly I already own 3 of those 6 games but still its full experiences that I am certain I will love (and in 3 cases I know I love). F2P games were a good idea originally but the reason everyone is rushing to them is not that they are the most noble business approach but instead because they are grossly profitable with minimal risk.

That’s unfortunate and one of the darker parts of business. In the end it means more of my money goes towards things like comic books than video games. I can’t say the shift is one that I lament. I do hope that more people shift away from F2P sooner than later. It’s a nasty bubble that is going to cause a lot of damage to the industry before it bursts. It already has in many ways (similar to how bad the online bubble is impacting publishers).

Naturally after all that I need to take a moment to contradict myself. Because they next couple months are going to hurt for my free time and wallet. First we have Grand Theft Auto V, which looks to be more like San Andreas [which is one of my favorite games of all time] than GTAIV [which I found far too dry]. Following this we have Disgaea D2 which I am very excited for. I have yet to play a Disgaea game that I didn’t enjoy and I suspect that will maintain. After this we have Pokemon X and Y, 3D Pokemon is about to ruin my life and I am ok with that. After that I’m looking at Batman: Arkham Origins. From what I know my wife also purchased Kindgom Hearts HD for me which came out today yesterday :/.

The good news is that my new hobby is playing and recording video games! So I suppose in that way I have lots of new material to work through. The only game I can’t yet record easily is Pokemon X and Y. But that will change. Oh yes, that will change. *evil laugh*

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